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Why Does My Memory Foam Mattress Sink in The Middle?

Why Does My Memory Foam Mattress Sink in The Middle?

One of the most annoying things about memory foam mattresses is that they always sink into the middle. That creates discomfort and results in some complex physical problems. Even the highest quality memory foam mattress will sink in the middle.

The main reason behind memory foam mattresses sinking in the middle are – too much weight, lack of support, and absence of protector. Let’s explore the reasons in detail and discuss how to prevent the sinking.

What Causes Memory Foam to Sink?

The overall answer to this question is wear and tear. Everything breaks down from wear and tear. That is also the case with your memory foam mattress.

If you sleep in one spot of the mattress every night, that spot of the mattress will lose its elasticity over time and it will sink. When we lay on the mattress, the middle part of our body puts the most weight on the mattress. Using this same spot over and over causes it to sink in the middle.

Is that it? Are there any other reasons why my memory foam mattress sinks in the middle? Yes, here they are.

Too Much Weight

Thick or thin, every mattress has its limit. If you exceed this weight limit, the foam will break down and it cannot keep its elasticity.

You may have bought a memory foam mattress from the market that is thin and cheap. So that is why it could not withstand your weight and lost its elasticity. Since the weight was most in the middle area (naturally), the mattress sank there first.

Lack of Proper Support on the bottom

Memory foam mattresses need to be set up on a flat and labeled surface. Maybe you have put the mattress on a bed frame which is not constructed evenly. The gaps between the wood are also a little big for memory foam mattresses.

Thus, it cannot provide proper support for the mattress, and it sinks over time.

Not Using Mattress Protector

In India, we are not used to using mattress protectors. What kind of protector is it?

A mattress protector is a protective layer for the mattress. It prevents sweat, oil, and moisture from reaching the foam of the mattress.

What happens if our moisture reaches the foam? The foam will break down faster. Since our middle part of the body is producing more weight and moisture, the foam on that area will break down faster than the edges.

So these are the main reasons memory foam mattresses sink in the middle. Can you do anything about it?

To be honest, it is impossible to stop a mattress from breaking down. But you can slow down the process and keep its value over time with a few small steps. Let’s have a look.

What Can I Do to Stop My Memory Foam from Sinking in the Middle?

Although there are quite a lot of ways of preventing memory foam mattresses from breaking down, we have to be practical about it. We cannot expect the same resources and services in India as it is in America.

So let’s look at some practical solutions for us Indians.

Flip the Mattress

It is the best economic solution. Memory foam mattresses are flip-able.

How does flipping help?

If you flip the mattress, you will apply pressure on it from a different direction. This will reverse the previous sinking of the spot. This will auto repair the mattress to some extent.

Plus, most Indian families use this technique. So why not use it?

Use a Mattress Protector

One of the prime reasons why mattress foam breaks down is our body moisture. The only possible way of stopping moisture from reaching the foam is to use a mattress protector.

So get one for your mattress immediately.

Add More Mattress Support

If your foundation is weak, then the mattress will break down. Memory foam mattresses had to be set on a strong, even surface.

Our traditional Indian bed supports are not perfect for memory foam mattresses. The gaps in it are too big. You can visit a local carpenter and reduce the gaps of the support or buy a new one meant for memory foam mattresses.

Final Verdict

Memory foam mattresses will break down over time. The middle part will always sink faster than the edges. It is natural. There is nothing to be done about it.

However, you can reduce the speed of its deterioration. Just follow the steps we talked about and you will be able to get some more peaceful sleep out of your expensive memory foam mattress.