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Which Type of Mattress is Best to Buy in India?

Which type of mattress is best to buy in India

People are sleeping a third of their lives. If you will live on for 75 years, it is 25 years of sleeping. We are sleeping on a mattress, so it is a quintessential part of our lives.

It is very important to spend a lot of money and time researching which mattress to buy and find the best option available. There are many types of mattresses, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

This article will present five of the most popular types in India, and pros and cons of each mattress type.

Top 5 Mattress types available in India

1. Coir Mattress

Also known as coconut fiber mattress, as they are made from coconut husk fiber. This type of mattress is usually hard, and most people find them uncomfortable. In reality, they grant a plethora of health benefits, and the hardness of this type of mattress becomes a non-problem after getting used to it.

Coir mattresses are known for their perfect ventilation because they are made with a technique, which grants them a perfect in and out air flow. High level of ventilation makes coir mattresses cold even throughout the hottest temperatures of the year. No one likes sleeping on a warm or even hot surface, and coir mattress solves this problem.

Another benefit of this type of mattresses offers is high hygroscopic quality, which means that they are very good at absorbing moisture from the air. Such a feature is extremely important in hot and humid climates, like in India. The hygroscopic ability makes sleep comfortable and more restful. Besides, it makes the mattress resistant to bacteria and fungi. It makes it hypoallergenic, meaning that people with allergies will not suffer from sleeping on a mattress of this type. In addition, because of the technique that is used to produce coir mattresses, there is no place for dust to settle in. Health benefits do not end here, as this type of mattress is good for keeping your spine and tailbone healthy.

One of the disadvantages of coir mattresses is that they are prone to sagging and will not last long. In addition, they are very heavy and it is hard to transport them. Finally, the biggest disadvantage is that they can be ruined if they are spilled by water or another liquid. Being made from a natural material, they will take great damage from excess moisture.

In conclusion, coir mattress is a trade-off between comfort and health. If you dislike sleeping on hard surfaces and do not want to try to get used to it, do not get it, but if you want to be free of allergies and have a healthy spine, this option is just for you. Keep in mind that they do not last long.

2. Spring Mattress

This type of mattress is great if you are tight on your budget because they are the cheapest mattresses out there. They are great for light people who sleep on either their backs or their stomachs. In addition, most of the spring mattresses are rather durable. They lose quality over time and begin sagging, but for the first few years, the quality will not diminish noticeably, especially if you are on the lighter weight side.

Unfortunately, with low price comes a lot of disadvantage. Spring mattresses lack support, so your spine and tailbone might suffer. What is more is that pressure points are unavoidable, because every spring is pushing with the same force, so your body weight is not distributed equally. This means that after sleeping for a lot of years on this type of mattress, you might start experiencing back pains and your overall sleep quality will also suffer.

Another disadvantage of spring mattresses is that they are not hypoallergenic, like coir ones. This type of mattress is usually covered with polyester, and between springs there is empty space, which becomes a comfortable place for dust mites to settle.

In brief, spring mattresses are only an option if you are on a tight budget. They deteriorate quickly, cause allergy and back pains. If you want quality sleep and feel energizes after the night, there are better types of mattresses in India.

3. Rubberized Coir Mattresses

This type of mattress is made from coconut husk but is also covered with latex. It carries all the benefits of the simple coir mattress, but it also comes without most of the disadvantages of it. Namely, they are way less prone to sagging and offers greater durability. They are usually more expensive than coir mattresses, but in the long term, they are a better option financially, as they will serve you for a longer period of time.

Another advantage rubberized coir mattresses have is that they are more comfortable. They are still stiff and getting used to it might take some time, but comparing it to the same type of mattress just without the rubber, it is noticeably more comfortable. Besides, it carries the same hypoallergenic and hygroscopic properties, making it a perfect mattress for people who suffer from allergies or for people who want to sleep on a cold surface.

To sum it up, rubberized coir mattresses are great for people who would enjoy hypoallergenic and health benefits of coir mattresses, but want a little more comfort.

4. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam technology was created in 1966 by one of NASA’s research centers. At first, it was developed to improve the safety of cushions in their aircrafts. Nowadays, memory foam is used in a vast variety of different products, one of them being mattresses.

This type of mattress is great for side sleepers because it adapts to your body curvatures. In addition, memory foam mattresses are great for people of any height, because the foam can support a lot of weight and can distribute your body weight evenly across the whole body. It also means that there are no pressure points while sleeping on such a mattress, and your spine and tailbone will suffer neither short nor long term from sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Apart from it, they are a great long-term investment, because there is little to no sagging. Comparing it to spring or coir mattresses, who sag over time, memory foam does not, and it sustains its original form for many years of usage.

Also, it is a great choice for couples who are sleeping together, because of the material used, the movement in the bed made by one person is usually not felt by another person sleeping. You will no longer wake up your partner if you are waking up in the middle of the night.

As great as this type of mattresses are, they have a couple of disadvantages. First of all, they retain body heat, meaning that unlike coir mattresses, memory foam mattresses will get warm and might cause discomfort after a couple of hours of sleep. Another disadvantage is that they are expensive, and even though because of the durability they are a great investment, it might be a financial challenge to buy this type of mattress.

5. Latex Mattress

The final type of mattresses in India is latex mattresses. These products offer the most advantages of all types of mattresses. They distribute bodyweight perfectly, making it a great option for all people who want to have comfortable sleep. Besides, because of the cushioning, it has, sleeping on such a mattress makes your spine naturally aligned. It will result in no pressure points and pain-free sleeping.

In addition, latex mattresses are natural, as they are made from rubber trees’ sap. It makes these mattresses hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites and mold. In India, where the climate is warm and humid, these problems are a common occurrence, but latex mattresses deal with it with no problem.

Besides all that, latex has great in and out air ventilation, which will produce a dry and cold surface to sleep on. Finally, this type of mattress has the same advantage as the memory foam mattress, that being movements on one side of the mattress are not felt on another side of the mattress.

The only two disadvantages of latex mattresses are their cost, which is the highest of all types of mattresses, and they are also often the heaviest. It can be difficult to buy such a mattress if you are on a budget, but it is the greatest type of mattress you can get in India.


There are many types of mattresses available in India, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Coir mattresses are hypoallergenic and are good for the spine, but they are hard and it might be uncomfortable to sleep on it. Sprint mattresses are cheap, but they do not last long and can provoke back pains.

Rubberized coir mattresses are a little bit softer, and are still hypoallergenic and good for your spine. Memory foam mattresses are great for couples, as the movement on one side of the mattress is not felt on the other, and they are comfortable. The only downside is that they are expensive. Finally, latex mattresses have all the advantages of all types of mattresses. The main downside is that they are the most expensive ones.