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What You Should Look for In a Mattress Brand?

What You Should Look for In a Mattress Brand?

Mattresses come in all different shapes and sizes. Moreover, each mattress brand has plenty of features to offer. The price points also vary greatly depending on the quality and type of material that has been used to make the mattress. Therefore, it is essential to extensively research mattress brands before buying one.

This article will explore all the options and important factors that you need to consider before purchasing a mattress.

Note: if you are from India, you are in luck, as we have researched and written the best mattress brands in India.

Things You Should Look for in a Mattress Brand

Sleeping habits and sleeping patterns of people have a lot of variations! There are probably countless habits and practices that are yet to be discovered by researchers. Sleeping habits and patterns are closely interconnected with the type of mattress you choose.

Hence, knowing your sleeping habits is the first thing you need to make sure of before buying your mattress. After making yourself familiar with your sleeping habits, you should start searching for your mattress. We have enlisted a few basic things that you must always consider when buying a mattress.

Types of Mattresses

There are many types of mattresses available in the market. There is not necessarily any best or worst type of mattress. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. You need to find out what works for you best. This part of the article will discuss the type of mattresses and their features.

Latex Mattress

Latex is made from rubber trees. So, the latex mattresses are built with organic materials. The sleepers can definitely feel the benefits of the organic composition of the mattress. Latex mattresses have a bouncy effect and a quick pressure response. The mattress is suitable for a wide range of people.

Suppose you are a person who cares about the environment. In that case, latex mattresses can help you in that noble cause because Latex mattresses are made of all-natural and eco-friendly materials. Hence, you will have peace of mind while sleeping as your mattress contributes to climate justice.

The mattress is also the right fit for people who constantly move during sleep. The bouncy natural effect of latex mattresses can help in this regard.

Memory Foam Mattress

Unlike latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses have a late pressure response. Memory foam mattresses are suitable for people who like to sleep “in” their mattress rather than “on top” of it. Because of its late pressure response offers excellent pressure relief at different body pressure points! That includes the shoulder, hips, lower back, etc.

It is best fitted for people with lower back pain, shoulder pain, etc., because the mattress can provide impressive pressure relief. The mattress is trendy among side sleepers as well.

Innerspring Mattress

Spring mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses in the world.

The mattress is popular among people as it is comparatively cheaper than other ones. This one is perfect for stomach sleepers, heavier sleepers, and people who sleep on their backs.

The tight steel coil inner core of the mattress provides significant support to the category mentioned above of people sleeping peacefully.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses can provide a good night’s sleep to all types of sleepers. Beds of these kinds have both support coils and a layer of foam. Therefore, the mattresses are firm as well as bouncy.

Depending on the type of foam used on the top layer, hybrid mattresses can be suitable for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and people who constantly change their posture at sleep.

If the top layer is made of memory foam, side sleepers can like it, whereas if the top layer is latex, people who constantly change their sleeping position will be pleased with that mattress. So, if you are planning to buy a hybrid mattress, make sure to ask questions about its material.

Size of the Mattress

What size of mattress one should buy depends a lot on the person sleeping on the mattress. Many sizes are available, such as twin, twin XL, queen-size, king-size, California king-size, etc.

If you are a single sleeper, you should pick between Twin or Twin XL size mattresses, depending on how tall you are. These mattresses offer plenty of room for a person to sleep peacefully. Moreover, the sheets and accessories of these mattresses come at a low price! Last but not least, because of their size, it is easier to set up and blend well with all kinds of bedrooms.

If you sleep with your partners, you should opt for Queen, King, or California King size mattresses. Among couples, queen-sized beds are most popular because they offer just enough room for two people to sleep peacefully.

King and California King size mattresses are also popular, but they come at a higher price. These mattresses are more spacious than queen-size beds. If you have pets or children who sneak into the bed in the night, King or California king-size mattresses are made for you.

Check Firmness of the Mattress

The firmness of the mattress plays a significant role in having a sound sleep. If your mattress is not of the correct firmness your body desires, you will not get quality sleep and won’t feel well-rested the following morning. Hence, check the firmness of the mattress before buying.

Do not buy a too-soft mattress as that will not give your spine good support. On the other hand, please do not buy a very firm mattress as it is painstaking to sleep on a rock-solid mattress.

Test the Mattress Before Buying

Mattresses do not come cheap. Hence, make sure you buy the mattress that your body feels comfortable in. Before buying one, most brands let the buyers lie down on the mattresses. Make sure that you take advantage of those facilities and then decide.


Mattresses are a pretty expensive investment. You should make sure that a good warranty covers your mattress. The longer the warranty period, the better it is. Make sure that you understand the warranty period completely, as it may contain provisions for the warranty to lapse or decrease.

Final Thoughts

Mattresses directly affect how well you will sleep. If the mattress you have bought does not compliment your body type, no matter how expensive your mattress is, it will not guarantee sound sleep. Therefore, research various brands and styles well and determine which one suits your sleeping needs the best.