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Spring Mattress vs Coir Mattress: Which One to Choose?

Spring mattress vs coir mattress

Spring mattress vs coir mattress has no clear winner.

You have to go for a mattress based on your preference. If you need something cheaper, then coir mattress is the one you should choose. It’s also something you should go for if you’re looking for an environmental-friendly mattress.

If you need something more affordable and less break-in time, you can go for spring mattresses.

Spring Mattress

The spring mattress is generally viewed as a more traditional mattress type. Multiple metal coils are present throughout the mattress, providing support. Support is provided by spring mattresses with resisting pressure with the same intensity, and this can be helpful for those who are heavy.

Today, spring mattresses represent a significant portion of the innerspring mattresses that are sold. At the center are coils that have varying densities. These coils provide structure to the mattress, they provide support and bounce.

It is not just one factor like the type of springs used, thickness of the metal used, or how the springs are connected, but several factors that contribute to the quality of your mattress. There are many types of upholstery materials on your mattress and a foam layer that protects your springs.

In addition to the supporting layer of springs, the mattress also has a core made up of coils. There are three levels within the Layer of Comfort or Upholstery. In general, the mattress is insulated by a first layer of fibers or mesh, which helps hold the core in place.

Fiber pads or foam act as padding between the second and third layers of your memory foam mattresses. In addition to the top layer, the third layer comprises a quilt made from fibers or foam. There are several types of spring mattress, such as:

Marshall Coils

Marshall coils are often used in automotive applications. Coils are cylindrical with thin gauges. Each loop is enclosed by a separate pocket in the mattress. The coils work independently because of this structure.

Marshall coils are built in such a way that they reduce the pressure on mattresses caused by weight. Mattresses like these are also perfect for stomach sleepers.

Bonnell Coils

There is a helical shape to this coil, and its middle core is thinner than its ending core. This mattress will provide excellent uniform support with a soft touch in its center and solid thin edges. When buying mattresses, Bonnell coils are usually less expensive. In comparison to other mattress types, they tend to last a shorter time. Your body temperature will also remain normal when you take it.

Offset Coils

It is a known fact that mattresses made by this coil are durable. A separate package is provided for offset coils. A mattress that conforms to your body contours is designed in this way. These mattresses are ideal for side sleeping so that joint aches and backaches are minimized. Due to the offset coils used in their construction, this technique adds structural strength to the mattress. Durability and motion transfer are two more benefits of these mattresses.

Continuous Coils

Wire is cut into multiple individual coils made from one long piece. Helical lacing is used to connect the individual reels. You can rest peacefully and soundly with this lacing, as it isolates motion. Lacing your mattress additionally increases its lifespan by several years. A mattress’ coils may be arranged both vertically and parallel.

Pros and Cons of Spring Mattress


  • Compared to traditional mattresses, spring mattresses require less break-in time
  • There are generally less expensive types of mattresses, including those with continuous coils
  • Unlike traditional foam mattresses, spring mattresses allow for airflow around the coils, so you sleep cooler
  • Provides a bouncy feeling


  • A spring mattress must be transported to your home either on top of a truck or by truck, as opposed to a memory foam mattress that can be vacuum sealed.
  • Unless an additional layer of memory foam is added, spring mattresses don’t contour to your body.

Coir Mattress

Mattresses made of coconut coir or fiber are known as coir mattresses. An outer part of a coconut is used to produce this fiber. It is combined with other natural components to make a comfortable mattress since coir by itself cannot be used. The natural component latex complements the coir majority of the time.

Having been created from natural fiber and latex, rubberized coir mattresses have a firm, porous and breathable texture. Your entire body is adequately supported by them. Since coir mattresses are porous, air is easily allowed to pass through. A cool sleeping surface is a result of this natural ventilation property.

An organic coir mattress may provide some relief for people who suffer from back pain and maintain the natural alignment of their spines.

Coir mattresses made with rubberized rubber offer a supportive yet soft sleeping surface with the right balance of rigidity and softness.

Additionally, coir mattresses tend to wear out quickly. In a short period of time, coir mattresses tend to sag and lose their firmness. As a result, spills can severely damage your mattress. Therefore, families with young children should not use that service.

A coir mattress comes in two varieties:

Hybrid Coir Mattresses

Coco fibers comprise the primary material of hybrid coir mattresses, with foam making up the secondary component. The foam could be polyurethane or memory foam. It is incredibly comfortable to sleep on such a mattress.

Rubberized Coir Mattresses

Coconut coir is made dense and rubberized so that rubberized coir mattresses have a highly elastic feel. They are beneficial for treating body aches because of their natural bounce. Primary component is coir, and the secondary component is latex.

Pros and Cons of Coir mattress


  • Mattresses made of coir offer unquestionable support.
  • Coconut coir and latex combine to make these mattresses, which are generally hard in nature. As a result, the body is provided with good support.
  • All of its components are natural, so it leaves no carbon. You and the environment will benefit from the mattress.
  • Allergens, dust, and dirt stay away from mattresses made of coir. Allergies sufferers will find this a good alternative.
  • A sweaty night may cause you to have a restless sleep. With coir mattresses, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.
  • Coir mattresses are highly breathable due to the material they are made from. There is no odor left behind when it dries.


  • Coir mattresses are not suitable for people who want soft mattresses.
  • When it comes to mattresses, this isn’t the most durable option available. Their density and overall structure may deteriorate over time, causing them to sag.

Spring Mattress vs Coir Mattress

Spring Mattress Coir Mattress
Made of metal springs Made of natural materials
Suitable for people who want soft mattresses Suitable for people who want firm but hard mattresses
Lasts for a long time Doesn’t last for a long time
Breathable, but not like coir mattresses Quite breathable and suitable for summer
Cheaper option More expensive than spring mattresses

Final Verdict

Good mattresses are characterized by appropriate body support and good design. Furthermore, it could last up to ten years at least. A mattress that is healthy and of good quality is crucial to your health since you spend most of your day sleeping. Mattresses can be relatively expensive, but they can provide you with health benefits. So, don’t disregard that and choose the best one.

If you’re looking for something durable in an affordable price range, then you can go for spring mattresses. If you need to avail additional features like breathability and environment-friendliness, then coir mattresses would be perfect for you.