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Is Gel Memory Foam Better Than Regular Memory Foam: The Facts You Need To Know

Is Gel Memory Foam Better Than Regular Memory Foam

Gel memory foams are more expensive than regular memory foams. But, they offer better features than regular memory foams, which make them a better choice. So, our verdict would be to choose gel memory foams over regular memory foams.

Gel Memory Foam vs. Regular Memory Foam

Memory foam is a material that is produced by processing the carbon compound, polyurethane, with other chemicals to increase the density, thickness, and tackiness of the foam. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress can provide many health benefits.

There are multiple types of memory foam mattresses, but the most common ones are the regular memory foam mattress and the gel memory foam mattress. However, there are some specific differences between the two types of mattresses which you must consider before buying to see which of these cater to your particular needs.

regular memory foam mattress

Features of Regular Memory Foam Mattresses

The material that makes up memory foam mattresses is a very soft yet firm one. It is also very flexible, which allows it to adjust its shape to that of your body.

This is an important feature because it allows you not only to feel comfortable, but it provides a serious health benefit – it spreads your body weight all over the mattress very well so that any one spot of your body is not subjected to too much or uneven pressure.

The fact that memory foam changes its shape to adjust to your body makes it superior for this added benefit. 

Memory foam mattresses are quite a novel phenomenon in the mattress market. However, over the last three decades, its design and build has been changed significantly to address its one major deficiency – heat capture. If you have ever slept in a foam mattress, it is likely that you have felt that after sleeping on it for some time; the surface tends to heat up and you can feel the heat seeping into the core.

This might make you feel extremely uncomfortable, because of the heat retention. Therefore, memory foam did not become too popular in Asian countries where it is boiling, since the heat retention of the mattresses makes it very unpleasant to sleep in.

However, it is very popular in European countries where the temperatures are generally lower and therefore; it is makes people more comfortable.

However, the design of memory foam mattresses has improved to an open-cell structure. During production, manufacturers pump in air into the foam. This improves the breathability of the mattress.

This feature also allows the mattress not to overheat and prevents it to keep too much heat, making it more comfortable for the one who will sleep on it.

gel memory foam

Features of Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Gel memory foam mattresses are another type of memory foam mattress. However, unlike the regular memory foam mattress, has gel capsules inserted into the memory foam. In some gel foam mattresses, the gel is not inserted into the foam mix as capsules.

Rather, it is inserted into the top layer of the mattress. This addition of gel into the mix of the foam allows the mattress to trap less heat and ensures that the mattress stays cool enough for people to not feel uncomfortable. In the same way, the layer of gel at the top of the mattress allows the user to feel even more comfortable.

Moreover, the addition of the gel ensures that the body weight of the person sleeping on the mattress is evenly spread throughout the mattress, and therefore, makes sure that even less pressure falls on any one spot of the person’s body.

Every specific gel memory foam mattress has a secret gel liquid inside it. Generally, manufacturers do not disclose this secret formula to the public because of it being an intelligent property for the company. Some gel memory foam mattresses are even equipped with thermal gels which have phase-changing materials that ensure the temperature inside the mattress is regulated perfectly.

They are generally in solid state at the beginning, but the more heat that is added to the mattress, the more it starts to get viscous and turns into a liquid. This allows the heat to remain in the thermal gel of the gel memory foam mattress. 

Moreover, another factor that determines how well a gel memory foam mattress functions and allows the mattress to remain cool is the number of layers and structures within the mattress itself. For instance, if there are many gel capsules, but at one spot, then it is not likely to prevent heat retention much.

However, if the gel capsules are evenly spread out across the gel memory foam mattress and it is arranged in layers within the mattress, then it is more likely to absorb the body heat and prevent the gel memory foam mattress from overheating.

Pros and Cons of Regular Memory Foam Mattresses


  • Very soft and light which allows easy carriage.
  • Flexible and folds around the sleeper.
  • Evenly spreads out body weight of the sleeper.
  • Restrict movement when the sleeper tosses and turns.
  • Retains heat so it is great in cold climates.


  • Heat retention is high, which can be very uncomfortable in hot climates.
  • Softness might make it unhealthy for the backbone

Pros and Cons of Gel Memory Foam Mattresses


  • More firm than regular memory foam mattress.
  • Gel capsules help prevent heat retention.
  • Evenly spreads out body weight of the sleeper.
  • Retains less heat, so it is very comfortable in hot climates.


  • More expensive than regular memory foam mattresses.
  • Any leakage of the capsule can render the mattress useless.

Other Gel Memory Foam Accessories

Gel-infused memory foam is a great material that can come in handy for various purposes. Therefore, manufacturers have designed several things that take advantage of the heat retention property of gel capsules and this technology has been leveraged.

Two such innovations include mattress toppers and mattress pads that go hand-in-hand with the actual mattress.

Even if you have a regular memory foam mattress right now, you can always upgrade it by buying a gel memory foam mattress pad or topper. Mattress toppers are perfect to adjust the lumbar and firmness you get from your mattress. 

Other Additions to Cool Off Mattresses

Making extensions to the great technology, which is a gel memory foam mattress, multiple manufacturers have taken on the task of improving mattresses by adding various other additions in them to improve the heat retention problem of memory foam. For instance, many manufacturers include graphite and copper within mattresses that function similar to the gel capsules because they are great conductors of heat.

Because of this property, they can take away the heat that your body gives off at night and spreads it across the mattress. Moreover, many manufacturers use plant-based additives into the mattress foam so that they can take away the heat and spread it across the mattress.

Sometimes, they change the cover of the mattress and ensure that they are go conductors so that the heat spreads across the surface at least, if not the whole mattress.

Final Verdict

Memory foam mattresses are a brilliant innovation that allows people to get a comfortable sleep and rest. It takes care of many of your physical needs and caters to your body’s health concerns with sleeping positions.

However, our recommendation would be that with the added price of gel memory foam mattresses comes many advantages, which totally justifies the price.

Therefore, we would definitely recommend buying a gel memory foam mattress over its regular counterpart. In the least, you should definitely get a gel-infused mattress topper that will ensure that you do not get uncomfortable during your night’s sleep.