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Is Coir Mattress Good for Summer? Vital Facts to Know Before Buying.

Is Coir Mattress Good for Summer

Coir mattresses are very good for summer. In fact, they are the most used in hot, humid countries because of their ability to soak moisture from the air and remain at a lower temperature than other mattresses. They also have minor orthopedic benefits.

Natural fibers have been used since time immemorial to make a multitude of things. In the case of mattresses, hay, feathers, cotton and a whole host of other materials have been used to make them since their invention in the middle ages.

One such fiber is coconut husk fiber or coir, as it is more popularly known. Coir are the fibers that are extracted from the outer husk of coconuts. The fibers are used for different things. It is often used to make rugs and mats, and even bedding.

Why is Coir Used in Mattresses?

Cori mattresses have several features that set it apart from foam or cotton mattresses.

The first is that coir is an eco-friendly material that is extracted by hand or machine. No chemicals are used to treat the fibers as well. Coir mattresses are quite common in humid countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka due to coir’s hygroscopicity, or its ability to absorb moisture from the air. It makes sleeping during a hot, humid night easy and comfortable.

Why Coir Mattress is Good for Summer?

Coir mattresses are often said to be very cool, this is due to how well ventilated coir fibers are. The fibers are naturally hypoallergenic and very durable, making it suitable for mattress production.

Let’s talk about support, because that is very important for everyone. The first thing to know is that the coir material is compacted into a block upon which a comfort layer of natural latex is laid. This gives the mattress a balanced, firm yet springy feel. Often, it is said to be good for back sleepers as it aligns with the spine, reducing chances of back pain occurring or intensifying.

Now, let’s talk about durability. By and large coir products are quite durable and so are coir mattresses. This means that a coir mattress may last longer than a foam or cotton mattress.

Another factor that makes a coir mattress attractive is that they are quite affordable when compared to foam, cotton, down or spring mattresses.

Finally, coir mattresses are quite low maintenance and require almost no care, except for cleaning.

Types of Coir Mattresses

There are two main types of mattresses.

The first is called a hybrid mattress. In essence, all coir mattresses are hybrid mattresses. By itself, the coir block would be uncomfortable to sleep on, so it must have something soft on top of it. Usually, a layer of foam or memory foam is applied, which makes the mattress comfortable to sleep on.

The second type is known as a rubberized mattress. These mattresses are known to have a slight bounce to them, which is uncharacteristic of coir. The dense coir has a layer of latex or rubber applied on top of it, so it becomes springy.

Coir Mattress and Weather

The main reason you may purchase a coir mattress is due to the weather. Hot and humid weather can make the standard cotton or foam mattress feel hot and clammy, ruining a good sleeping experience. High humidity tends to make foam mattresses sag and deform, making them quite uncomfortable to sleep on.

Other than certain orthopedic benefits, a coir mattress is known to be cool on the hottest of nights. Air seems to pass through it and brings a relaxing sensation. Moisture too is absorbed by coir fibers, which makes for good rest that doesn’t leave you waking up sweaty.

Things to Know When Purchasing a Coir Mattress

A reason as to why foam and latex mattresses last so long is because of the tough material used. The same cannot be said for coir mattresses, however. Unlike the 7 or so years, a coir mattress tends to show problems after 3 or so years. Another thing is water, because, if constantly exposed to water, the mattress will be damaged and begin to sag.

Bottom line – is coir mattress good for summer?

The ventilated nature of coir makes it breathable and cool to the touch. Not only that, but it is also hypoallergenic, so there is little to worry about.