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How Do You Clean or Maintain a Mattress?

How Do You Clean or Maintain a Mattress

We all wake up in the morning, make our beds and then head out to perform our daily tasks. Even if you are a hygiene enthusiast and like to clean and change your bed sheets every day, you cannot be sure about the cleanliness of your mattress. As complex as the human eye is, it is still unable to detect the microscopic bed bugs that live in our mattress.

These bed bugs even get transferred to our bodies when we lay down on the bed. In addition to having bed bugs, your mattresses can get dirty over time. There can be stains of paint, coffee or any other thing that you might be eating on your bed.

To enjoy a great sleeping experience, it is very important to clean and maintain your mattress. It will not only help you enjoy a good night’s sleep, but it will also help you make a good impression in front of the guest. Having a clean mattress is also good for your overall health. You won’t have to worry about bed bugs moving on your body and causing damage to your skin. In addition to skin damage, dirty mattresses can also cause other health-related problems like difficulty in breathing. Hence, it is very important to keep your mattresses clean.

Cleaning a mattress can be tricky. Cleaning a mattress isn’t just about getting the stains off; you have to get all the dust and bed bugs out of it as well. Let’s take a look at way you can clean and maintain your mattress.

Take The Sheets Off

The first step in cleaning a mattress is to take everything off the mattress. You have to take the pillow and the sheets off the mattress so that you can have a clear working target. Now, in order to keep your mattress clean, you need to keep the sheets; blankets and pillow covers clean as well. So once you take these things off the mattress, throw them in the laundry bucket.

Take the protective Layer Off

Many people tend to install protective layers or sheets on their mattresses, which are great for keeping the mattresses clean, but over time, these protective layers also get worn out. So take them off and clean them as well.

Get your Vacuum Cleaner Ready

Once you are done with putting all the pillow covers and sheets on the side, you can then get your vacuum cleaner out. This is going to be the first step in a perfect mattress cleaning experience. Now, before you use the vacuum on your mattress, make sure that the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is absolutely clean. Once you are sure, you can use the vacuum cleaner on top and sides of the mattress. Don’t forget to clean the corners as well. Vacuuming on the mattress will help you get rid of the bedbugs, termites, hair, dead skin dust and other particles.

Use Clean Cotton Cloth To Remove The Stains

Once you are done with the vacuuming, use a clean cotton cloth to clean the stains. Especially if the stains are still fresh and wet, you can use a damp cotton cloth to clean the fresh stains. Use cold water to dampen the piece of cloth. Never scrub the stain, as that would spread the stain further out.

You can then use a mixture of liquid dish soap or detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Dip a toothbrush in the mixture and use it on the stains caused by drinks, dirt and food items. Try to use as little mixture as possible. Gently scrub the stains with the toothbrush. This will help you get rid of those stains.

In case you have biological stains on your mattress like urine, vomit or other natural and biological stains, then you can use an enzyme cleaner to clean those. Never use the enzyme cleaner directly on the mattress, instead uses it on a clean cloth and then uses the cloth to clean the mattress. When it comes to cleaning a mattress, you should try your best to never make it wet, especially if it is a memory foam mattress. In addition to the natural stains, it can also help in getting rid of grease stains from the mattress.

Use Baking Soda

Well, baking soda is one thing in your kitchen cabinet that has several uses way beyond the kitchen premises. Cleaning mattresses is one of them. Evenly distribute the baking soda on the surface of the mattress. Baking soda is crucial in the whole mattress cleaning process.

Once you have evenly sprinkled baking soda on the surface of the mattress, you can then leave it there for at least half an hour. However, keeping it on for longer periods of time is going to yield better results. The baking soda will absorb all the liquid stains and smell from your mattress.

Plug In Your Vacuum Cleaner Once Again

When you have let the baking soda on for some time. It is now time to clean it off the mattress. Once again, clean the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and clean the surface, sides and corners of the mattress.

Dry Out The Mattress

If you leave any wetness or moisture in the mattress during the cleaning process, then that can cause mold to grow in your mattress. Hence, it is important for you to dry out your mattress. Turn on the fan and open the windows so that it dries out any moisture in the mattress. It is ideal to put the mattress under the sunshine for an optimum cleaning experience.

Once the mattress dries out. Get the mattress protector back on and put the newly cleaned pillows and sheets on the bed. Make the bed so it looks presentable. Keep the mattress protector on at all times and flip the mattress after every few months. Once you lay down on the bed after the cleaning process, you will feel the difference yourself.