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Does The Number of Coil of Spring Mattresses Matter?

Does The Number of Coil of Spring Mattresses Matter

The number of coils a spring mattress have play a major role in determining the overall quality of the spring mattress.

So yes, the number of coil of spring mattress matter!

What is Mattress Coil?

Spring mattress, as the name suggests, is made up of many springs, commonly made of steel.

These springs are referred to as mattress coils, and are very sturdy, but flexible. A single spring mattress comprises many coils. These coils form a support mechanism for the mattress.

The collective springiness of each coil gives the user of the mattress a comfortable and relaxing experience.

There are two types of mattress coils

Single-wrapped coils and pocket coils. The former is more common, but the latter allows for greater resilience and endurance.

Does The Number of Coil of Spring Mattresses Matter?

While consumers can sometimes feel that the more coils a spring mattress has, the better it will be. That is not the case. There are always an optimum number of mattress coils that need to be inside a spring mattress in order to give it the perfect amount of support, flexibility and durability for consumers.

For instance, for full size mattresses, the optimum number of mattress coils is 500. For queen size mattresses, the optimum number of mattress coils is 600. Finally, for king-size mattresses, the optimum number of mattress coils is 800.

Why Does it Matter?

The number of coils in a spring mattress definitely matters in determining the quality of the mattress, and thus, the quality of the experience a consumer can get from the mattress.

Spring mattresses with a significantly lower number of coils can make the consumer feel much less comfortable due to lack of flexibility.

Mattresses that have a higher number of coils are stiffer and sturdier, but the difference in discomfort is much less noticeable than when the number of coil is lower than average.

Also, sellers can use mattress coil count as a huge marketing and selling point because many users think that the higher than a number of coils, the better the mattress will be to use. Many sellers prefer to take the mattress count off their specification of the mattress because they feel that this makes it a little more complicated for the user.

However, since it is impossible to see inside a mattress, most consumers do their research and homework before coming into a store to buy a mattress. Therefore, they look for the coil count specifically in their research.

Other Factors to Look For

Along with the number of coils, another factor that plays a crucial role in determining the quality of a mattress is the material with which the coil is made from.

If the material is something more resilient than steel, it is highly likely that the coils will be less flexible and therefore, more of these coils could make the mattress sturdier overall.

Another factor that can sometimes make an even greater impact than the mattress count is the gauge or thickness of each coil. If a mattress has a very large number of coils, it is likely that the coils are not very thick and therefore, they are not very resilient and are prone to break down.

Moreover, the type of top material used on a mattress is a significant factor in determining the quality and comfort derived from it. For instance, some mattresses have memory foam while others have latex and each has its own set of pros and cons.


The coil count of a mattress is certainly one of the most important factors to look for when you go to buy a mattress. However, as we outlined above, just because a mattress has a higher number of coils than another mattress, it would not mean the one with the higher count is better than the one with the lower number.

You should look for the optimum number of coils for the size of the bed. At the same time, you need to look at the thickness of the coils, the material of the coil, as well as the type of topping of the mattress.