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Coir Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress: A Comparative Guide

Coir Mattress vs memory Foam Mattress

The winner in the battle of coir mattress vs. memory foam mattress is memory foam mattress due to its comfort and usability. Coir mattresses are good options if you need durability, but memory foam is the better option for overall features.

Now, each of them has the fair share of differences and pros and cons over the other that we will discuss in this Coir Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress article.

Coir Mattresses

In the mattress’s name, the word coir refers to coconut fibers.

Coir mattresses are essentially mattresses that are made from coconut fibers. The coconut fibers form the support system within these mattresses. This type of mattress is quite common in many parts of Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent, where people have a lot of coconut fibers available to them.

These mattresses are often very firm and sturdy and therefore provide great lumbar support to your body. For many people, it is very hard to sleep in coir mattresses because, after some time, you can feel the single pieces of coir moving inside the bed and might make many people uncomfortable.

Moreover, coir mattresses are generally less durable than memory foam mattresses, although they are much cheaper than the foam ones because coconut fibers are naturally occurring in many places.

It is also important to note that the mattresses definitely comprise other materials to balance out the coir because it is absolutely impossible to sleep only on coconut fibers because of the extreme sturdiness of the coconut fibers. It will not be comfortable at all. In order to make the mattress a lot more comfortable, manufacturers add a type of foam on the coir fibers to neutralize the hardness of the coir fibers.

Moreover, manufacturers also put a top cover of cotton to make it even more comfortable for the user. Coir mattresses are very beneficial for the backbone because of the sturdy support they give. They almost form the counterpart of medicated spring memory foam mattresses.

In the market, you can find two types of coir mattresses – hybrid coir mattresses and rubber coir mattresses. On one hand, hybrid coir mattress is the type described above – a core of firm coir fibers surrounded by a soft outer shell of foam to provide the comfort, and at the same time, the sturdy lumbar support.

On the other hand, rubberized coir mattresses are mattresses with a core of firm coir but rubber as the outer shell of the mattresses. This forms a little firmer outer coat of the mattress than the hybrid coir mattresses. There are incessant physical benefits of using rubber coir mattresses because they provide you with the softness required to become comfortable, but not too much so that you feel it is too soft and springy.

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Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam mattress is a mattress that is completely made of foam. The core as well as the outer shell comprises solely of different kinds of foam. Generally, the inside of the mattress has a little firmer version of the foam, while the outer layer is a little softer so that you get the lumbar support you need but still get the comfort on the outside.

Memory foam mattresses are very soft and allow your body weight to be spread all over the bed, which is beneficial because one area of your body does not receive too much pressure.

Unlike coir mattresses, there are five types of foam mattresses. These five are polyurethane foam mattress, bonded foam mattress, latex foam mattress, and memory foam mattress. Polyurethane foam mattresses comprise a carbon compound, polyurethane. This type of foam does not form naturally and is synthesized in a lab.

Bonded mattresses have the same material, polyurethane, but it is strengthened further by tightly wrapping the inner foam using other materials so that the mattress is even more firm. The extra layer provides more lumbar to the physique is definitely a great thing for your body, especially the backbone, despite not being as soft as a regular polyurethane foam mattress.

Latex foam mattresses are made from a blend of latex and foam. Here, the latex is coming from rubber plants, but the foam is often synthetic. Latex mattresses provide greater firmness to the body, which would otherwise not be present with simple foam mattresses. Regardless, you can feel the softness and comfort.

Talalay mattresses and latex mattresses are made out of almost the same material, but the way talalay mattresses are produced differs and hence, their comfort level and lumbar support vary from latex mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses are a different category of foam mattresses. These mattresses have a layer of a hard type of foam in the core of the mattress, while there is a softer outer layer for greater comfort. In many cases, however, memory foam is a part of other types of mattresses.

Most commonly, spring mattresses often have a layer of memory foam on top of them for a layer of soft bedding. This is because spring mattresses on their own would be extremely difficult to sleep on, so the memory foam makes it much nicer for support.

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Pros and Cons of Coir Mattresses


  • The hard surface can provide many medical advantages to your body, especially your backbone.
  • The individual and separate pieces of coir fibers allow great air circulation inside the mattress, which allows you to sleep better.
  • It is made of natural materials and, in many places, is much cheaper than memory foam mattresses.
  • It allows coolness in the summer and in tropical climates.


  • Coir mattresses do not last as long as memory foam mattresses do.
  • The older it gets, the more body pain you are likely to get as the coir fibers start to poke through the top foam covering.
  • If it is placed on an uneven surface, then the mattress’s structure distorts and can get out of shape.

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses


  • It is extremely comfortable to sleep on
  • It is great for your body because it divides your body weight evenly across so that one particular spot of your body does not get all the pressure
  • You do not feel any moving parts while you move on the mattress – it is very smooth
  • It lasts much longer than coir mattresses


  • It can get boiling during the summer or in tropical climates because of the synthetic fabric of the foam
  • It is more expensive than coir mattresses
  • If the mattress is too soft, then it might not be very good for your back in the long run

Coir Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress

Coir Mattress Memory Foam Mattress
Hard surface, good for your backbone Smooth and firm, good for your body muscles
Doesn’t last a long time Lasts a long time
Will start to get uncomfortable with time Remains the same for a long time
You can feel moving parts The whole thing is smooth, and you can feel no moving parts
Great for summer Gets warm in summer

Final Verdict

Choosing between a coir and memory foam mattress can be a life-changing decision because at the end of the day, it determines how well you will sleep at night, which determines how you will spend your day.

Coir mattresses and memory foam mattresses have their own unique pros and cons, even depending on which part of the world you are from.

However, our pick from the two would be memory foam mattresses because of its great health benefits and durability. Coir mattresses will remain a niche favorite.