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Can You Use A Full Box Spring for A Queen Mattress?

Can You Use A Full Box Spring for A Queen Mattress

A problem that plagues all types of bed is the fact that they must be disassembled and assembled whenever you move. That fact alone makes such beds a hassle to own. As it stands, there are many alternatives for a bed. A mattress on the ground, a futon and our item of discussion, a box spring.

What sets a box spring apart from a standard bed, wood or metal is the fact that it can be used as a standalone foundation for a mattress or in conjunction with a frame, so it can be raised above the floor.

In the following article, we will compare between a standard bed and a box spring and learn their differences, discuss the merits of owning a box spring against owning a standard bed and lastly, we will learn if a box spring can be used for a queen mattress.

Can You Use a Full Box Spring for a Queen Mattress?

Yes, you can! Whilst you can use a queen sized mattress on a box spring, but before you can, there are a few things to consider.

The first and main thing to watch for is the dimensions of your box spring. If it’s too small, your mattress may sag from the overhangs, and if too big, you may feel some discomfort when sleeping, especially if you’re prone to moving around.

The second thing to notice is weight, as that may affect how the box spring behaves under load. Too heavy and it can damage the box spring.

Another consideration to make is if your box spring has a frame. Some frames allow for adjustment, but most don’t, so you have to make some considerations when going for something like this.

However, in most cases, it is possible to use a queen sized mattress on a box spring, given that is a full-sized one and not anything smaller.

Moving on, let us consider how we may go about using a queen mattress with a box spring.

The first problem we will come across is sagging. There is little support in the middle of the box spring and over time it may cause your mattress to sag. That center support is paramount to having a proper usable queen mattress on a box spring. A spilled type box spring will work well for a queen mattress as there is a mid-beam and this will act as an adequate support for your mattress.

Now comes the problem of the overhang. Considering the dimensions of a full size box spring and a queen mattress, the difference is about 6 inches in width and 5 inches in length. On first glance, it may sound like a minor issue that can be overlooked and don’t want the overhang ruining the mattress you can make use of a bedframe, considering that the box spring can fit into it.

This will provide the proper edge support needed and will keep your mattress from sagging. If you’re going for this idea, make sure to use a wooden frame as a metal frame may deform your box spring.

Another thing that you can do is to use boards to support the box spring and mattress. You should have boards that are the length of your box spring and about 5-8 inches thick. They should be placed on top and below your box spring so they are able to support the weight of the mattress.

Why is Box Springs Different?

The first comparison to make is that wooden or metal bed frames are considered foundation style beds, whereas a box spring is not. As the box spring can be used on the foundation and can also be a foundation by itself.

The construction of the foundation and box spring should be considered. When we look at a box spring, we will see that is nothing but a box within which there are supporting coils.

These coils or springs, as they are more popularly known, work to distribute the weight of a mattress evenly. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the foundation style construction, which is more or less a large frame within which the mattress sits.

Another design of the wooden bed may be one with wooden slats, which sit between the side panels of the bed. These designs have been used since old and are said to be the most affective.

Whilst effective and durable, wooded beds are extremely heavy and require quite a lot of effort to assemble or disassemble. Contrarily, a box spring is much lighter than a wooden foundation bed, with the heaviest ones weighing half as much as a wooden bed.

A reason as to why foundation beds are popular may be because they are rather easy to procure and most often are compatible with most mattress types. On the other hand, finding a suitable mattress for a box spring can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

If price point wasn’t discussed, a major question would’ve been left unanswered. However, when it comes to price, the box spring and bed seem to be fairly even, but this only counts the direct cost of the bed and not the mattress that is to be used with it. The added price of the mattress adds to the value of the bed and shows that a box spring is cheaper.

Durability is another chief factor to consider when purchasing a bed. It should be noticed that foundation or frame type beds are very long lasting and often, only the mattress is changed. A box spring tends to fail in terms of durability when compared with a bed.

Another complaint of box springs is the noise. Due to there being moving parts beneath the mattress, a box spring can make significant noise when compared with a wooden foundation bed.

Finally, let’s move to perhaps the most important comparison: comfort.

How a wooden bed feels is all up to the mattress, of which there are several types. Another factor may be how the mattress is held in the bed. For a bed, the spacing between the wooden slats matter, as a mattress may sag in a spot where the slats are not placed correctly. The feeling related to a wooden bed is a firm but comfortable. A softer mattress may produce slightly different results but the firmness will be constant.

For the box spring, the first thing to notice is the slight bounce or springiness it has, and when combined with a mattress, it makes for a very relaxing, comfortable feeling. Majority of comfort comes from the mattress and what it is made of. Generally, the heavier a mattress is, the lower the springiness.

What Kind of Mattress Should I Use for a Box Spring?

Most of the time, when you purchase a box spring, you also purchase the mattress that you will use, and it is usually a package deal. However, it is important to know which type of mattress are compatible with a box spring.

When you purchase a box spring, an innerspring mattress may be recommended to you. An innerspring mattress has several rows of supportive coils that are topped by layers of comfort material such as foam, latex, and memory foam. Innerspring mattresses are known for their support and long-lasting qualities.

Another option that could be presented is the choice of a hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress is the combination of innersprings with multiple layers or foam to give a firm but springy or bouncy feeling. Most interestingly, hybrid mattresses are not recommended with box springs. They’re considered more of a traditional mattress and their benefits are better availed when used by themselves.

Finally, let’s move onto foam and coir mattresses. One of the major factors behind getting a box spring is the breathability. As the box spring is hollow, it is very cooling as there is little restriction in terms of air movement. Different kinds of foam mattresses are often used with box springs because of the inherent bounce the box spring adds to a firm mattress, but care has to be taken since excess weight may increase the stress on the coils and thus reduce the effectiveness of a box spring.

In recent times, latex foam, memory foam and coir mattresses have been started to be used with box springs. At one time, only innerspring mattresses were recommended with box springs due to the fact that other mattress types were known to sag and reduce the effectiveness of the box spring.

Should I Use Box Spring on the Floor or Frame?

Some people don’t buy beds, but only a mattress and use it on the floor. While the floor may provide sturdy support, it actually puts the user at risk of being exposed to more allergens and pests. The amount of air flow is also reduced as the bottom is blocked and there could be some discomfort when sleeping.

A box spring can be used on its own or can have a frame that it may be placed on. Some box springs come with small legs to raise themselves off the ground so as to not get dirty. If a user has difficulty with getting in and out of bed, then a box spring frame may be purchased. While the height of some frames is fixed, there are adjustable ones on the market.

The best recommendation for anyone looking to purchase a box spring is that they should always look for a box spring bed frame as it can increase the comfort value and will make for some good quality of life.


Can you use a full sized box spring with a queen mattress? Yes, you can but there have to some adjustments made and things considered. With that knowledge in hand, you too can use a full box spring for a queen mattress.