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Can You Shampoo a Mattress?

Can You Shampoo a Mattress

For many of us, a morning is not good if we find our expensive mattress soiled. Whether our little one has had an accidental pee last night, or our pet has done that again – this is an instant day-spoiler for any of us. Of course, there are ways to fix the mattress. But when we are already in a bad mood, the last thing we want is to get ready for a hard work.

All those blotting, soaking, dabbing are tough jobs for sure. So, it is rather natural for you to think of a machine to help at this point. But as you think about the expense of your mattress, you stop. You find yourself asking, “Can I really shampoo a mattress?” We can hear you, so we have come up with the answer.

Can You Shampoo a Mattress?

The answer is – yes. Although you must know the fact that this is not the best option to clean the mattress. This option may also not apply to many mattresses. But in general, yes, you can use a shampooer to clean your mattress.

Usually, we spot these types of mattresses in houses:

  • Innerspring mattress
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Pillow top mattress
  • Air mattress
  • Adjustable bed

Let us dig into the matter with more explanation. First, we are going to tell how you can shampoo a mattress. Second, which type of mattress can be cleaned with a shampooer. Third, is it helpful to shampoo a mattress or not? Last, what can be the best shampooer option for you.

How to Shampoo a Mattress

Cleaning a mattress can be done using a shampooer. See below to learn step-by-step procedure of cleaning a mattress using shampoo:

  • Remove bedsheet, pillows, and other accessories. Let them to spin inside your washing machine. Or give them a clean hand wash. We recommend you to use fresh sheet over clean mattress.
  • Get the shampooer and spray the cleaning liquid using the soap dispenser.
  • You need to saturate the soil area without soaking the inner layers of your mattress.
  • Get the brush attachment and scrub the soiled area.
  • Let the machine suck in the dirty water.
  • Place your mattress under the sun for some time. Or open the windows and let an ample amount of airflow and sunlight inside the room. This is helpful for maintaining mattress hygiene.
  • Release the dirty water from the machine and rinse the detachable parts with clean water

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattress incorporates springs at the core of the unit. One of four kinds of mattress coils can make your innerspring mattress. Usually, there are steel coils for body support. The steel coils vary in gauges. The core is designed to absorb the weight of a resting body.

You can get the support system of spring from the upholstery layers. This type of mattress can provide cushioning and insulation. Innerspring mattresses can come in dual comfort, plush, or firm types.

Can You Shampoo an Innerspring Mattress?

This type of mattress is comparatively safer to get cleaned using shampooer. But in no case you can wet the whole mattress. No matter how satisfying it seems to water wash everything. A mattress is not something to wash thoroughly. Rather, you should always be cautious to not soak too much water into the layers of your mattresses.

If the core of the mattress absorbs moisture, then mildew can develop. Not only your mattress can develop lingering odor but also the lifespan may reduce. Besides, the spring coil can become rusty by absorbing moisture. This situation will not occur if the spring coil is made of real steel. But we want you to be safe with the cleaning.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam was not quite affordable at first when NASA had invented it. But over the years, people are buying more of this type of mattress. The price has reduced significantly, thanks to the advancement of technology. A memory foam mattress is made with temperature sensitive foam combined with springs or support foam.

The foam gets adjusted to your body. As you lay down on it, the heat of one’s body softens and molds the foam to the shape of the user. Once the user gets up, the foam gets back to its original shape. As the foam is able to adjust to the curve and sleeping position of the user, it is said that this type of mattress helps in releasing body ache and improves sleep.

Can You Shampoo a Memory Foam Mattress?

As memory foam mattress is made of layers of foam, it is advisable not to use a shampooer to clean it. Using a shampooer will require you to saturate the mattress. If the inner layers soak in too much of water, it will be hard to extract the liquid.

The cleaning liquid reaching the core can cause in creating moisture. Moisture can lead to mildew development. So, you better opt for carpet steamer to minimize the amount of liquid used in the cleaning process.

Another reason why we recommend you to avoid a shampooer is because memory foam mattress is much more delicate. So, the brush scrubber can be too harsh on the foam’s surface.

Latex Mattress

Latex foam is combined with either spring or reflex foam to create latex mattresses. Latex foam is quicker to respond than memory foam. It creates a durable and supportive sleep surface. Latex is a natural product.

This type of mattress is made with the combination of nature-based fillings to create eco-friendly mattresses. Apart from having the similar benefits like memory foam mattress, latex mattress is breathable and hypoallergenic.

Can You Shampoo a Latex Mattress?

You have to take care of latex mattress like memory foam mattresses. Latex mattress is usually 100% foam built. So, we do not recommend you to shampoo a latex foam mattress.

Hybrid Mattress

A multi-layer bed, with an inner layer of pocket spring and outer layer of memory foam, latex, or gel, is a hybrid mattress. This type of mattress gives the benefits of both spring mattress and foam mattress. Users can get the sturdiness of a spring mattress along with the pressure relieved comfort of foam mattress.

Can You Shampoo a Hybrid Mattress?

As the outer layer of a hybrid mattress is usually foam, we recommend you to take care of it like a memory or latex foam mattress. This is why you should not use a shampooer to clean your hybrid mattress.

Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow top mattresses are innerspring or memory foam mattresses with an added top layer. The top layer adds plush feel to the bed. The top level can only 2 inch thick.

Can You Shampoo a Pillow Top Mattress?

As the top layer of a pillow top mattress is too delicate, you should be extra cautious while using a shampooer. We recommend using a shampooer only if the stain is too stubborn. Pay attention in not soaking the mattress much.

Otherwise, the life span of your mattress reduces. Also, some pillow top mattresses can be detached from the lower layer. See if there is any zipper that attaches the layers together. This way you can clean easily. In no case you should use scissors to detach the layers. The action can have irreversible consequences.

Air Mattress

Air mattress is usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or textile-reinforced urethane. This sort of mattress is also known as blow up bed.

Can You Shampoo an Air Mattress?

You have to be careful while cleaning an air mattress. This type of mattress can be subjected to leakage. It can be totally damaged if the scrubber of a shampooer is really harsh on the surface and causes any leakage.

Adjustable Bed

A bed frame which is adjustable is known as adjustable bed. The user can raise or lower the head and feet area of this bed. Any form of mattress from the list above can be used in this sort of bed.

Can You Shampoo an Adjustable Bed?

Depending on the type of mattress, you can shampoo an adjustable bed.

Is it helpful to Shampoo a Mattress?

We understand why you are opting for this option. There are many ways to keep your mattress clean. But home-based hacks can cost us a significant amount of time. Besides, repeated blotting and dabbing can take a toll on your wrists.

If you have any child in your house, or you are just a pet mother – there are chances that you have to often find yourself cleaning body liquids like urine. Running back and forth between your pantry and bedroom can be quite exhausting. So, using a shampooer to clean the mattress can be a great option.

The Best Shampooer for Your Mattress

Shampooer contains cleaning agents. You are the one who can decide which is the best type of shampooer for your household. As many of the cleaning agents can cause allergy to your family members, we recommend you to go through the ingredients thoroughly before purchasing any shampooer.

Your mattress is meant for providing comfort to you and your family. We do not want any harmful ingredient to ruin the health of your loved ones.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is an effective shampooer solution. This ingredient can be found in body wash, hand wash, shampoo, even in face cleanser. This is known as a great cleansing ingredient. Thus, it is used as a carpet cleaner.

So, if your shampooer solution comprises ingredients like this, you are good at going with the product. If you can put an ingredient into your skin care routine, chances are that you can use it without any worries. However, be assured of the fact that no one is allergic to this. Also, the concentration must be higher in a shampooer solution. So, make sure that the after clean procedure is adequate.

Final Thoughts

Using a shampooer on your soiled mattress can reduce the tough job by many extend. But not all the mattresses are strong enough to endure the soaking and scrubbing done by the machine. We hope you have found answers for what you were looking for. But remember the saying, “Better safe than sorry”. So, go through the label of your shampooer and your mattress. Then proceed with the application. So that nothing ruins your good night’s sleep. Stay safe!