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Best Spring Mattress in India (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

Best spring mattress in India
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    Spring mattress has been in use since the 15th century, and you probably saw your grandparents use them. 

    You might have seen them using preety bad looking mattresses and not much comfortable to sleep, but in the recent years a lot of technological improvements happened in Spring Mattress industry.

    I know you like spring mattresses, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So without wasting your time, we’re going to let you explore our top 5 findings for best Spring Mattress in India.

    This post will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of a spring mattress and the best spring mattresses available in India.

    So, if you are looking for a buying guide of the best spring mattress in India, this article will definitely help.

    The list of top 5 best spring mattress in India

    Mattress Name Read the full review Check price on Amazon
    1. Boston Hotel Comfort, Bonnel Spring Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    2. Boston Hotel Comfort Pocket Spring Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    3. Peps Springkoil Bonnell King Size Spring Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    4. Solimo Queen 6” Spring Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    5. Coirfit Ortho Spring Mattress Read Full Review Check Price

    Top 5 best Spring mattress in India


    Boston Hotel comfort, Bonnel spring mattress review

    A traditional spring unit, the Bonnell Spring has proven its worth throughout the years. 

    A medium firm mattress that comes with a unique quilted cover, this bed will provide excellent support to your body. Made up of 15 layers to ensure quality sleep.

    This product supports your body weight evenly and ensures back support. 

    It is constructed with a pure sleep grade foam, and its cushioning cover provides a proper distribution of pressure along the body. 

    Having a proper air ventilation system and a high-quality knitted, quilted fabric, it is no wonder that this mattress has been among the top products in the global industry for years.


    • Premium knitted quilted fabric
    • Proper air ventilation
    • 100% pure sleep grade foam
    • Medium-firm mattress
    • Excellent support and redistribution of pressure
    • Supportive and durable coils
    • 15 layers comfort
    • Size: 72 x 70 x 6 inches
    • Foam thickness: 20mm in core, 20 mm in quilting
    • Color: white and grey
    • Warranty- 5 years

    Final Verdict: The Bonnell Spring mattress is the perfect solution if you are on the lookout for a medium firm bed that has been among the first places in the global market for many years.

    It is a durable product that offers customers a unique air ventilation technology that ensures better air circulation and higher hygiene.

    Its original technology along with its affordable price and 5-year warranty ensures that this mattress will cover all of your sleeping needs.


    Boston Hotel Comfort Pocket Spring Mattress review

    Enjoy a good night’s sleep with the Pocket Spring mattress from Boston. 

    Featuring the zero disturbance technology along with the air ventilation benefit, this particular mattress takes comfort, support, and hygiene to a whole new level. 

    Its quilted cover, packed with one inch of cushioning foam and its point-by-point elasticity distinguish this mattress from similar products. 

    The exclusive air ventilation technology keeps the bed at an ideal temperature for the whole duration of your night sleep. 

    Its ability to provide consistent body conforming and pressure relief for most sleepers have made the Boston Pocket Spring mattress a top-rated product for years now.


    • Exclusive air ventilation technology/high hygiene levels
    • Knitted quilted fabric
    • Zero disturbance technology
    • Pre-stressed springs into cotton pockets/high elasticity
    • Excellent body support
    • Medium soft firmness
    • Non-flip foam
    • 15 layers comfort
    • Size: 72 x 36 x 6 inches
    • Color: white and grey
    • Warranty- 5 years

    Final Verdict: The Boston Hotel Comfort Pocket Spring mattress is overall a great choice of mattress if you wish to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep.

    It has been designed using a unique zero disturbance technology that ensures the high quality of sleep even when your partner tosses around a lot.

    With perfectly knitted, quilted fabric and an exclusive absorbing capability, you can get a non-stop night sleep in this non-flip mattress without having to worry about things, like body support or even distribution of your weight.


    Peps Springkoil Bonnell Spring Mattress

    As one of the most marketable companies in India, Peps has the lead in providing high-quality mattresses to customers. 

    The Peps Springkoil Mattress can be the perfect choice of bed for those suffering from bad posture or back pain.

    With its firm, yet flexible core and advanced technology, this product is made of polyurethane foam and woven fabric that provide all the necessary support your body needs. 

    The product’s exclusive border wire technology protects it from de-shaping and provides users with a long-lasting mattress. The Bonnell Springs of the Peps Springkoil mattress are entwined to offer high comfort and great support.


    • Polyurethane foam and woven fabric topper
    • Medium firmness
    • Strong, yet elastic core/proper support
    • Border wire technology/ no de-shaping in length or width
    • Supportive and durable coils
    • Reversible use
    • Size: 78 x 72 x 6 inches
    • Color: dark blue
    • Thickness: 6 inches
    • Warranty- 5 years

    Final Verdict: Overall, the Peps Springkoil Mattress is a good option of mattress for users who wish to purchase a budget-friendly product of high quality.

    Its unique technology and its rigid, yet elastic core construction ensure that you are going to get some quality sleep.

    The polyurethane foam and woven topper of this product, along with its reversible nature, make this mattress the perfect option for everyone wishing to sleep soundly and without experiencing morning stiffness.


    Solimo Queen 6” Spring Mattress review

    The Solimo Queen 6” Spring Mattress comprises of a perfect merger of support and comfort. 

    The bottom and top part of the mattress is manufactured using 32-soft density foam to give you the ergonomic sleep that you will always need.

    The material used in the bottom and top mattress is a unique fabric type which boosts the softness and smooth foam quilting. 

    Since the mattress is soft on both sides, you can utilise either side for three months and flip it over, so it feels new.

    The Solimo Queen 6” Spring Mattress additionally has a design that delivers a good night rest. 

    Moreover, the central layer (crafted from Bonell springs) provides additional support and bounce.


    • Queen size spring mattress which measures 78x60x6 inches.
    • Has foam-encased springs to maintain their foam for extended periods
    • The 70 Damask GSM Jacquard fabric cover provides a soft feel
    • Quilted soft foam layer offers improved comfort as well as cushioning
    • Bonnel springs to provide more support and bounce

    Final Verdict: If you are looking for a large mattress that is adequately firm to support the back and does not sink in while offering comfort, then the Solimo queen mattress should be your most compelling option. This mattress is made from superlative and durable quality material to provide the comfort you need.



    Coirfit Bonnel Ortho spring mattress review

    The Coirfit Bonnel Ortho spring mattress is designed to give you comfortable night rest after a tiring day.
    It has an ergonomic design to deliver unrivalled comfort. 
    Medical professionals recommend this product if you suffer from backache since it gives optimum support and responsive to your body pressure.
    The mattress sports a three interior layer construction; the cover is manufactured from knitted Italian jacquard fabric with soft quilting, the top part is made using the thermo-sensitive material with the latexo feel fabric below it, and the bottom layer is firm and made using dynamic bond fabric. 


    • The mattress’s core houses Bonnel spring, quilted premium knitted fabric as well as innerspring technology which delivers an excellent bounce, durability and back support.
    • It has foam encasement, null partner interference, and zero motion transfer
    • It does not require any assembly. This spring mattress is available when already pre-assembled.
    • The Bonnel springs offer more support and bounce than other mattresses, and this construction allows the mattress to be lighter and improves the flow of air.
    • This spring mattress has hypo-allergic and anti-fungal properties, thus offering hygienic utility.

    Final Verdict: If you have back pain problems or looking for a comfortable mattress, then you should consider this product. This Coirfit Ortho 6” spring mattress maintains the best quality and is reasonably affordable. This mattress also provides an excellent and hygienic night rest since it is dust and allergen free.


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    What is a Spring mattress?

    In simple terms, a spring mattress comprises springs.

    The mattress springs are also referred to as mattress coils and utilized in innerspring mattresses’ core. 

    Unlike the memory foam, these springs do not conform to the body heat, unless the mattress has a cover of the memory foam layer.

    The upper layer of the mattress is the comfort layer, and the underlying layer is the core or support layer.

    The production of the spring mattress is simple; therefore, they fetch a lower price tag than the memory foam mattresses.

    Advantages of the spring mattress

    Cost is a crucial factor when you intend to purchase a mattress. The cost of the innerspring mattress is low since a lot of people are using them. 

    Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, then this mattress is the ideal option. 

    Spring mattresses attract a lower price tag than memory foam mattresses which is most popular in the industry, and they are also easy to assemble.

    Zero transfer of movement
    If you are not a fond of memory foam mattresses becasuse of it’s contours effect, the spring mattress is for you. It has almost zero movement effect.

    With proper maintenance and care, the spring mattress will last for about a decade, thanks to its superior construction. 

    Temperature control 
    In the design of the spring mattress, a lot of space is left between springs. The spaces will permit air circulation; thus, you can have a cool sleep during high temperatures.

    Great choice of tensions 
    Springs area available with disparate tensions. There are soft, firm, and medium types of tensions; therefore, you can choose the tension-type in regards to how your body reacts to it. You can forget about the backaches when you sleep on a spring mattress.

    Pressure and pain relief
    Sleeping on a soft or too-hard mattress leads to pressure, which makes it hard to sleep. Spring mattresses are usually medium-firm mattress which would hardly cause any kind of back pain and may reduce the back pain after long term use.

    However, with the spring mattress, each particular spring works to provide support to the whole body. This independent support gets to the hidden areas like hips and shoulders, which makes this mattress to be the most compelling alternative for orthopedic patients.

    Some disadvantages of Spring mattress which may include

    Uneven distribution of weight
    The regular spring mattress comprises springs which make your bed bouncy and flat.

    Hard to move
    Spring mattresses are mostly heavy, which makes it harder to move out to clean or giving air.

    Isolation of motion
    Most spring mattresses lack the motion isolation ability. Thus, the movements of your sleeping mate will cause a disturbance in your sleep.

    After a few years of service, the spring mattress may become squeaky. It is also important to note that spring mattresses are likely to sag if you have not picked the right brand.

    Spring Mattress types

    There are two kinds of spring mattress available on Indian market.

    1. Pocket spring mattress.
    2. Bonnell spring mattress.

    What is Bonnell Spring mattress?

    Bonnell spring mattress is the oldest and most traditional type of innerspring mattress. 
    The Bonnell spring contains a coil that is hourglass shape, that is, bottom and the top of the spring is wider as compared to the middle section of the coil.
    The coil is interconnected with a metal mesh which is used to reinforce the shape of the mattress, thus making up the spring system. 

    This mattress was mostly used in hotels since they were known to support heavier weights. 

    This mattress is most suitable for growing children or a young couple. The mattress is also suitable for trundle beds, daybeds, and bunk beds

    Advantages of bonnel spring mattress

    1. They are cheap since the mattresses are easy to build.
    2. They are made of durable materials
    3. They give the even traditional feeling. This is because the mattress has been in the market for a long time; thus, they are more familiar and trustworthy among the consumers.
    4. They offer better circulation. The mattress has spaces between them, thus allowing easy ventilation thus preventing the accumulation of body heat.
    5. The mattresses also offer good support to the back this by maintaining an s curve of your spine. This helps to cure back pain.
    6. The innerspring also provides a perfect bounce; thus, the mattress is sex friendly.
    7. The Bonnell spring mattress are readily available.
    8. The Bonnell spring mattress also offers consistent comfort.

    disdvantage of bonnel spring mattress

    1. They are hard to set up. The Bonnell spring mattresses are heavy and hard to carry around, and this makes cleaning and airing them outside difficult.
    2. They pose problems with motion transfer since the spring move as a unit; thus, any slight movement on the bed, especially between couples or numerous sleepers, can result in disturbances.
    3. Cheaper design of the mattress tends to wear out faster, especially if the padding gets compressed or the spring loses its support.
    4. Have aggravated pressure point discomforts
    5. The underlying layers of the mattress may harbor mites or other allergens like dust, especially if those underlying layers are made of fiber or wool.

    What is a pocket spring mattress?

    Pocket spring mattresses are a type of spring mattresses that have their wrapped coil system securely stitched inside the mattress just below the comfort layer of form. 

    The spring works independently of each other, and there is also room for the addition of contours and pressure point reliefs. 

    The mattress work on a principle : the more the coils on the spring; the more comfortable is the mattress. This is because numerous coils can increase control of motion. 

    The least number of pocket spring in a mattress is 600. 

    Advantages of pocket spring mattress

    1. They are made of durable materials
    2. Offer more comfort as compared to the Bonnell spring mattresses. The pocket spring mattress can offer total body support, and one can choose the mattress based on preferred firmness ratings and spring counts.
    3. They eliminate motion to transfer this is because the pocket springs don’t move as a unit, and as a result, there is no disturbance, especially among couples.
    4. They offer consistent firmness. This is because each coil has its cloth sleeve that holds the coil at consistent tension.
    5. The mattress can relieve pressure. This is because the spring tends to work independently.
    6. The pocket mattress also has better ventilation, thus offer more cooling effect by reducing the accumulation of body heat.
    7. The mattress is also more soft and luxurious since it’s made up of stylish and luxurious materials.
    8. The materials used to make the mattress are of high quality.
    9. The mattress also helps in relieving back pain since the mattress can be adjusted depending on your spinal preferences.
    10. The pocket mattress harbors fewer allergens such as dust which can easily be removed by cleaning the mattress.

    disdvantage of pocket spring mattress

    1. The mattress is expensive as compared to the Bonnell spring mattress.
    2. The comfort of the mattress is highly depended on the quality of the foam around the coil. If the foam is of low quality, then the mattress is uncomfortable.

    Bonnel spring mattress vs pocket spring mattress

    Both Bonnell spring mattress and pocket spring mattress are good depending on personal preference. 

    However, pocket spring mattress is more advantageous than the Bonnell spring mattress since it offers more comfort, doesn’t transfer motions, its able to relief pressure, it has better ventilation and is less hypo allergic. 

    Pocket srping mattress is easy to clean compared to Bonnel spring and it offers full body support and a consistent firmness.

    Sleepers are also able to enjoy their sleep more when sleeping on a pocket spring mattress as compared to when sleeping on a Bonnell spring mattress.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do spring mattresses last?

    The average life span of a spring mattress is cited as somewhere between seven and ten years.

    Flipping and rotating the mattress regularly is important to keep the springs in optimum condition but, even those which have been well cared for will more than likely begin to sag after seven to ten years.

    It is important to replace your mattress when sagging begins or you could begin to find problems such as back and muscle ache emerge.

    Are spring mattresses good for your back?

    Because each spring reacts to pressure in its own way, a spring mattress can be very helpful for maintaining firmness when different parts are compromised.

    For example, it is a great mattress for couples who share since a dip on one side will have no bearing on the other.

    A medium to firm mattress is recommended for people suffering from back problems and it is very important that the mattress follows your body as closely as possible, leaving no spaces and distributing pressure evenly.

    For this reason, a spring mattress can also offer very good support for your back.

    Are more springs in a mattress better?

    It is not necessarily the number of springs, but the quality of those springs that is most important to consider. Pocket springs mean each spring operates in its own little pocket and this is superior to other varieties where a spring may appear as one long coil. 

    However, when comparing mattresses of similar quality, more springs means more firmness, which is definitely better in the long run.

    Can you fold a spring mattress?

    Folding a mattress is considered a cardinal sin! When a mattress is bent, all the springs and metal rods inside are twisted out of shape and a mattress will never really be the same again when it is eventually unfolded. 

    A permanent, visible mark might remain where the fold occurred but most of the damage will be below eye level. 

    Twisted springs are unlikely to revert to their previous shape, meaning they will no longer be able to offer an even distribution of pressure. 

    Folding can be very dangerous for a mattress and should be avoided at all costs.

    How do you pack a spring mattress?

    In order to pack a mattress for transportation, either home from the store or when moving house, there are a number of key factors to consider.

    Firstly, consider the impact of dirt or moisture.

    Mattresses can easily be damaged in transportation which is why it is important they are packed or completely covered. 

    Mattress storage bags can be purchased, will probably come with your new mattress and can sometimes be provided by moving companies.

    These are often polythene bags made to fit around the mattress completely, making sure it is protected from potential spills or dampness which can ruin your mattress permanently.

    Is it ok to roll a spring mattress for transportation?

    In most cases, no. The ideal way to transport a spring mattress is completely flat. It is also not really advisable to travel a mattress on its edge as this can affect the distribution of the springs inside. 

    That said, some types of spring mattress can be rolled and even come directly from the manufacturer in this way. 

    These include air-sprung mattresses where the air between the coils is removed with a machine. 

    Mattresses made from small springs in their own pockets can, therefore, be rolled with care but those with a larger coil remain unsuitable for rolling.

    How do you clean a spring mattress?

    Regularly cleaning your mattress is vital to remove dust, mites, dead skin and hair. This is even more important if pets are allowed on the bed or if food and drink have spilled. 

    The best way to clean a spring mattress is with a hoover attachment. For improved freshness, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda liberally over a bare mattress and leave for at least a few hours. 

    The powder will absorb odors as well as dirt and this can simply be hoovered up to leave your mattress clean and fresh.

    Stains can be removed with gentle sponging, using hot water and laundry detergent for more stubborn marks. It is important that your mattress is fully dry before you redress the bed and consider sleeping on it.