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Top 5 Best Mattress for Summer in India

best mattress for summer in India
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    It’s no surprise that India gets quite hot throughout the summer. People battle with the oppressive heat throughout the day, and it’s not different at night. This leads to a bad night’s sleep, which is something none of us want. To avoid such situations, we require a mattress that does not retain body heat and allows you to sleep cool.

    So, fret not, since we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best mattresses for Summer in India that are highly breathable!

    The List of Top 5 Best Mattress for Summer in India

    Mattress Name Warranty Check price on Amazon
    Dreamzee Natural Latex Mattress 12 Years Check Price
    Duroflex Velocity Summer Spring Mattress 7 Years Check Price
    SleepyCat Latex Organic Latex Summer Mattress 10 Years Check Price
    Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress 7 Years Check Price
    Duroflex Orthopedic Coir Mattress 7 Years Check Price

    5 Best Mattress for Summer in India

    1. Dreamzee Natural Latex Mattress

    The Dreamzee mattress is the first mattress on our list. The Dreamzee Natural Latex Mattress is a high-end mattress that promises to give nothing but the best in terms of support for the Indian environment.

    To begin with, this product is made entirely of latex. This material provides you with a boatload of benefits. Latex, for example, has excellent elastic characteristics that allow it to adapt to your weight, form, and movements. 

    They’re also quite long-lasting. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about its long-term viability any time soon.

    It also has a slew of perks that are quite beneficial to your health. The mattress is capable of providing complete relief from a variety of pains that we discovered the majority of Indians suffer from.

    Back and neck pain, as well as hip and shoulder pain, are examples of some of them. Thanks to Dreamzee for creating a mattress that not only helps you stay cool throughout the summer but also allows you to sleep soundly.

    When it comes to temperature control, this mattress has a solution for that as well! There are numerous mattresses on the market that trap your body heat and radiate it back to you. This is a really inconvenient feature, especially in the summer when you will be sweating profusely.

    To address this problem, the manufacturer has included climate control technology. This feature is really useful for getting a decent night’s sleep in the hot Indian summer.

    We’d want to bring up the latex material once more because of its capacity to quickly move air in and out of it. The inherent structure of the open cell latex mattress ensures this, making it one of the best mattresses in India for the summer.

    Although the price is a little high due to the quality material, the benefits it provides justify it. Dreamzee has a high level of breathability, allowing for a suitable sleeping temperature.


    • Offers top-of-the-line quality
    • Provides utmost comfort
    • Suitable for people with body pain

    2. Duroflex Velocity Summer Spring Mattress

    Duroflex Velocity is yet another top-of-the-line mattress that is ideal for summer use in India. Of course, it didn’t get there without a good reason. 

    The manufacturers have taken mattress comfort to new heights by including a slew of extra elements. This mattress is equipped with innovative Duroflex technology to prevent it from absorbing heat and becoming unbearable.

    Furthermore, the mattress’s incredible design and unrivaled ingenuity set it apart from the competition. As a result, you won’t have to give much effort to selecting a summer mattress.

    Duroflex Velocity appears to have made every effort to ensure that nothing is compromised to deliver the best possible comfort to its consumers. As a result, it provides three support zones to help them stay to their words.

    This function distributes your body weight evenly throughout the mattress. As a result, it prevents heat from accumulating in one spot and keeps you comfortable.

    It also has a feature called Duroflex Velocity Motion Restriction Technology, which is in addition to the functions listed above. 

    This is a critical feature for couples since it prevents motion when one of them moves while sleeping. As a result, if you’re a couple, you can now enjoy uninterrupted quality time together.

    This mattress features Duroflex Unique technology, which allows carbon particles to be infused into the fabric. Another essential feature is that it repels all negative ions and positively charges your body. So, if you’re looking for the best summer mattress in India, look no further.

    3. SleepyCat Latex Organic Latex Summer Mattress

    If you’ve already gone to the store to buy a mattress for the summer, you’ve probably come across this brand. SleepyCat is certainly one of the most well-known mattress brands in India, offering mattresses that are tailored to your specific requirements.

    With that said, allow us to present you to the SleepyCat Latex Organic Latex Summer Mattress, which can assist you in dealing with summer evenings.

    The mattress has a 7-inch total thickness. Natural latex covers two inches of the mattress, while high-density support foam takes up the rest.

    SleepyCat has done a fantastic job thickening it up. The more padding you can receive from a mattress, the thicker it is.

    As a result, side sleepers can sleep comfortably throughout the summer nights. Thicker mattresses, on the other hand, can support the weight of two adults.

    If you already have body pain, the last thing you want to do in the summer is miss sleep due to the heat. 

    SleepyCat mattresses not only provide comfort throughout the summer but also help people who are suffering from body problems. Back pain, neck discomfort, and a variety of other aches and pains are examples.

    The fact that this device supports seven zones sets it apart from the competition. 

    This is a crucial characteristic that aids in the fight against the summer heat.

     Zone 7 distributes your weight evenly throughout the mattress, preventing you from sinking into it.

    Furthermore, no heat from the body is trapped on a particular surface because no depression is produced. As a result, you don’t feel uneasy in bed.

    Another amazing feature of 7 zones support is that it can alter itself to fit your body, including your head, hips, and legs. 

    As a result, it gives you the greatest mattress for summer in India, as well as the ability to sleep peacefully in any weather.

    4. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

    Wakefit has created a mattress that provides twofold comfort, as the name suggests. 

    The rationale for this is that it delivers a distinct set of comfort on both ends of the mattress. 

    To be more specific, one side of the mattress is soft, while the other has a medium comfort level. This is a fascinating aspect of a mattress.

    Different folks have different comfort preferences. Your roommate, for example, might want soft comfort while you prefer medium. 

    In such an instance, he or she may flip the mattress and relax while you are away from home, or you may do the opposite.

    In addition, depending on the weather, you can flip the mattress. We all know that in the summer, soft mattresses perform well. As a result, you can use the softer side of the mattress while it’s hot outside.

    All you have to do in the winter is flip it and you’re ready to go. 

    This is a great mattress for people who don’t prefer to change their mattresses frequently. After all, it appears that you can obtain a 2-in-1 mattress.

    This distinct feature has made the Wakefit mattress extremely popular on the market. 

    Affordability is another factor that contributes to the high demand for this mattress. It’s a low-cost mattress that can complement your summer night sleep without causing any discomfort in Indian weather.

    If you’re set on giving this mattress a try, we wish you a restful, deep night’s sleep!

    5. Duroflex Orthopedic Coir Mattress

    The name of this mattress specifically implies what this mattress is made up of, which is Coir. The Coir mattress from Duroflex is one of the best mattresses to support the Indian summer condition.

    The material that is used to make this mattress is coconut fiber. Coconut fiber is very beneficial not only for your body but in controlling the immense temperature too.

    Coir mattress has a myriad of advantages that can convince you to use it. 

    For those who are cautious about the environment and prefer to use natural products, then this mattress is for you. It’s made of natural fibers that are obtained from coconut, making them eco-friendly.

    The majority of Indians prefer to use coir mattresses since there is an abundance of coconut in the nation. Moreover, it also ensures that there are no harmful substances within it.

    Another feature that elevates the level of comfort is the 5 zone support. 

    This feature is very beneficial for orthopedic patients. Moreover, because of the mesh of the coconut coir in the mattress, circulation of air or even moisture, for that matter, becomes easy.

    This gives rise to the hygroscopic nature of the coir mattresses. These mattresses can absorb not only the sweat of the sleeper but also moisture from the surrounding air.

    The Duroflex Orthopedic Coir Mattress also offers medium firmness and a springy feature for utmost comfort to your body. In addition, it’s also resistant to dirt and dust, and its anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties ensure germs stay away from this mattress. Duroflex is a premium mattress and deserves to be on the list of the best mattress brand in India.

    What to Look for Before Buying the Best Mattress for Summer in India

    Types of mattress

    There are different types of mattresses available in India. Among them, some mattresses are designed specifically for the summer months.

    You must know the best form of mattress that is ideal for the summer season so that you do not purchase the wrong one.

    This can assist you in selecting the one that best meets your requirements.

    Memory Foam Mattress

    When it comes to buying a mattress specifically for the summer, comfort is just as important as warmth. If the mattress is comfy enough, it can provide a pleasant night’s sleep regardless of the weather.

    Spring Mattress

    Because of its success in supplying firmness and freshness, this type of mattress is highly recommended for summer use. For Indian summer circumstances, this is a crucial criterion. 

    This is made simple by the fact that the mattress’s core allows for optimal air circulation. It also features cushioning layers that prevent heat sensations while maintaining proper respiration.

    Overall, these mattresses are hygienic and airy. They can also adapt to any climate without producing moisture issues, making them suitable for hot climates.

    Gel Mattress

    A gel mattress may be an excellent choice for coping with summer nights. The gel layer can readily dissipate the heat, providing you with the necessary freshness for your body. 

    The nicest thing about this type of mattress is that it does not deform over time and has a good shock and vibration absorption capacity.

    They also maintain a constant temperature during sleep, so the sleeper does not feel cold in the winter or hot in the summer, and they adapt perfectly to the body.

    Foam Mattress

    This is the most conventional sort of mattress in the business, among all the types of mattresses mentioned above. They’re often composed of polyurethane or polyester and are ideal for dealing with the intense heat of Indian summers.


    When comparing Indian mattresses to mattresses from other parts of the world, you’ll notice that the dimensions differ slightly. As a result, before purchasing a mattress, you must first assess the size of your bed.


    Although the focus of this essay is on providing you with comfort throughout the summer, there are other considerations to consider when selecting a mattress. Weight, sleeping, posture, and ideal hardness may all be factors in your decision. So make sure your priorities are in order so you don’t have to make any compromises when making a buy.

    Motion Isolation

    When your companion moves and turns to the other side while you’re sleeping, you may experience some shaking. This can easily disrupt your sleep, which is why, in addition to temperature control, you need a mattress that offers motion isolation. In such cases, a memory mattress may be the best option.


    Making a large investment in a mattress is not a good idea. As a result, you’ll need to shop around for a mattress that meets your needs while staying within your budget. Making such a wise decision not only assists you in coping with the summer scenario, but also saves you a significant amount of money.

    Ease of Motion

    Assume you’ve just received some excellent news. You jumped into the bed and began hopping on it right away. Most mattresses may be ruined by such high pressure, which is a significant disadvantage. That is why you should opt for a mattress that will last. Latex and hybrid mattresses are ideal for this application.


    You can quickly become irritated if your mattress isn’t comfortable enough when you return home from work. In such instances, a comfortable mattress with the appropriate stiffness is what your tired body requires throughout the summer. Try numerous mattresses on the market before purchasing to locate the finest mattress for you.

    Temperature Balance

    We all know how hot it can be in India during the summer. It is critical to purchase a mattress that can breathe out the air to cope with the heat and sleep peacefully at night.

    If a mattress lacks this function, you will be incredibly uncomfortable when sleeping on it. As a result, make sure you get a comfy mattress with temperature control technology.


    Mattresses are typically expensive items that you may not want to purchase frequently. As a result, a decent guarantee is essential if you want to use your mattress for a longer amount of time.

    If you have a warranty, you can easily replace the mattress if any flaws are discovered. Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, thus they are only applicable in the event of a serious and exceptional issue.


    You should keep in mind that only mattresses constructed from the highest quality materials will last for many years. When supporting two individuals instead of one, high-end components perform better and last longer.


    Many people express their dissatisfaction with their mattress’s noises. You may, on the other hand, be that person. This may be very unwelcoming as you go to sleep because it interrupts the peace. A quiet mattress, of course, can aid in this case. Modern mattresses are usually silent in nature. You do, however, look for latex or all-foam mattresses.

    Final Verdict

    To sum up, this article provides you with the 5 best mattresses for summer in India

    If you want your mattress to stay cool throughout the day, look for one with temperature balance technology.

    If you ask us for a recommendation for the most budget-friendly mattress for the summer, we’ll offer Duroflex or Wakefit. 

    Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress would be our choice for an all-around mattress to deal with the Indian summer conditions

    This is since it is not only inexpensive but also appropriate for all seasons. Thank you for taking the time to read this!