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Best Coir Mattress in India (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

Best Coir Mattress in India
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    You must be here to find the answer to your question: What is the best coir mattress in India?

    Let us assure you that you are in the perfect place! 

    On sleep arena India, we do our best to make your sleep sound and pleasures.

    We know it’s always very hard to pick the best mattress as per your need! And, if you have a kid in the home, then you have to choose the best one with no compromise. 

    If you go to a store, they will try their best to sell you the expensive one or the mattress which might have no value for your needs.

    But you should be happy to know that you did 50% of the research already, as you have decided that you need a coir mattress only. 

    Sometimes it even harder to decide which type of mattress you need.

    Coir mattress is the most durable mattress. They are 100% natural as it’s made by the husk of the coconut. 

    It comes with a lot of other benefits as well!

    In this article, we tried to find out the best coir mattress in India that suits your needs. We go deep on each mattress to find what are its advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide which one is perfect for you.

    Below, we have compiled a list of the top five best Coir mattress in India, taking into account various critical factors. 

    Read and help you find the best for you!

    The list of top 5 best coir mattress in India

    Mattress Name Read the full review Check price on Amazon
    1. Duroflex Back Magic- Orthopaedic Certified Coir Mattress​ Read Full Review Check Price
    2. Kurl-On Kurlo Coir Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    3. Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic 6 inches Coir Read Full Review Check Price
    4. Amazon Brand - Solimo 5-inch Coir Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    5.Centuary Mattresses Lotus 4 inch Coir Mattress Read Full Review Check Price

    Top 5 best Coir mattress in India


    Duroflex Back Magic- Orthopaedic Certified Coir Mattress

    Back Magic by Duroflex is certified orthopedic mattress by National Health Academy.

    If you are a fan of coir mattress and looking for a certified mattress that can cure your back pain, this is the mattress to choose.

    It has 5-zoned orthopedic layer, and it’s keep your bed naturally cool. 

    If you only think expensive mattresses like memory foam or latex can only provide back support, then you should try out duroflex back magic mattress. It’s 100% natural, very cheap and certified. 

    What else do you need?


    • It’s a firm mattress.
    • It comes with only blue color.
    • Certified orthopedic mattress, there has very few on the market like this.
    • Materials – 5 zoned orthopedic layer plus firm and cool coir.
    • It comes with 7 years warranty, maybe the most offered by a coir mattress.



    Final Verdict: You don’t need to the review of our other choices of coir mattresses. This is the best of the list.


    Kurl-On Kurlo Coir Mattress

    This is another amazing mattress that has all the good qualities that ensure comfort and maximum cushioning. 

    It is available in its pre-assembled state and also has a 5 year warranty. 

    It is made of layers of rubberized coir and other layers of PU foam. The extra cushioning is what you need for a thick, soft, and bouncy feeling.

    You can also get a free replacement within one year of purchase. Its multi colors make it so appealing to look at. It is a perfect accessory for your bedroom décor.


    • It is 72 inches long, 72 inches wide and 5 inches thick.
    • It is made up of rubberized coir as the primary material and PU foam for extra cushioning.
    • It is multicolored.
    • 5 years warranty.



    Final Verdict: Though this mattress is expensive comparing other coir mattresses of the Indian market, it’s still a value for money. 


    Springtek HealthSpa Orthoapedic 6 inches Coir Mattress

    This is a off white-colored mattress that comes with a 6 year warranty. 

    It is also sold in its pre-assembled state. This mattress is made of rubberized coir, an awesome material known for its durability and comfort.

    The rubberized coir is a porous material. This makes it good for circulations of air. It can also absorb moisture from the environment without getting damp. In case you don’t like it, you can get a replacement within 10 days. 

    This makes it a perfect choice for the family, and it also suits the budget.


    • It is 78 inches long, 60 inches wide and 6 inches thick.
    • Its primary material is rubberized coir.
    • It is off white.
    • It is already assembled by the time it is sold.
    • It requires a queen size bed.
    • It has 6 years warranty.



    Final Verdict: For extra comfort and a sound sleep, this mattress can work well. This is especially if you don’t want a very thick and wide mattress. The material used is able to absorb moisture from the air, creating a cool and cozy environment for a perfect night. It is also good for the spine as the cushioning is enough for total support.


    Amazon Brand - Solimo 5-inch Coir Mattress

    If you looking for a firm mattress that comes with impressive design and 5 years warranty, this mattress is for you.

    This double coir mattress offers you the comfort that you need to sleep soundly and enjoy the health benefits of high-quality sleep. 

    It comes with an ergonomic design that offers proper weight balance to you when you sleep.

    This mattress is available for king, queen and single bed size.


    • Strong and firm design. It is made of expanded polyethylene foam that is strengthened by a strong bonding material.
    • Comfortable cotton covering. The outside covering of the mattress is made of cotton fabric that makes it comfortable.
    • A bounce back mattress protector. This protector enhances the lifespan of the mattress.



    Final Verdict: This mattress is unquestionably good for use. Its weight of 30kgs speaks volumes of its quality. It is a springy mattress that ensures that your blood circulation is at its best whenever you are asleep. 


    Centuary Mattresses Lotus 4 inch Coir Mattress review

    This rubberized coir mattress brings luxury and comfort to your home. 

    It is a modern style mattress that is normally blue in color. 

    Its length is 190.5cm and its width is 91.44cm. Its height is 10.16cm. 

    It is rectangular in shape and it is an exact fit for your twin bed.


    • It weighs only 13 kilograms.
    • It has a thickness of 4 inches which is adequate for comfortable sleeping.
    • Its a firm mattress.



    Final Verdict: This is one of the best coir mattresses out there that you should not ignore. It is an amazing mattress for the whole family. As long as it is well maintained, it will offer you the comfort that you deserve for many years to come. It is worth every penny.

    Which materials make up coir mattresses?

    Coir mattress is mainly made from coconut shells. Also known as coconut fiber, coir, is a naturally occurring fiber unique to coconuts and is used in the manufacturing of other products too. 

    In the making of a mattress, they are mainly placed on the middle and upper sheets either to harden or to make the mattress more robust.

    Advantages of Coir Mattress

    I know, you are already asking yourself, what makes this type of mattress different from your current one, or the other forms of mattresses? Below are some of the reasons that should at least make you give them a second thought, next time you are looking for a mattress.

    Hygroscopic quality:
    Coir mattress is made entirely from Hygroscopic materials, which entirely means that there is no single time your mattress will be a dump or sweaty(Hygroscopic materials absorb all moisture content). Contrary to other forms of mattresses, you are sure of always having that fresh, new, and comfortable feeling once you are at home. 

    Perfect ventilation: 
    Almost all coir mattresses are designed uniquely enough and factor in the movement of air in and around the mattress. This ensures that it’s always cool, which in turn results in a calming effect, while asleep. You can now always talk about better sleep.

    Extra support
    Because they are made from natural fibers, they tend to be more springy. A springy mattress is not only comfortable but also ensures enough comfort to the body. Most doctors will advise their patients towards them, especially ones with back and spine complications. They are also recommended for children and babies since their spine are developing and need proper alignment while asleep. 

    If you care about the environment or you’re an environmentalist, then this is the perfect mattress for you, as it is 100% natural, doesn’t contain chemicals and one’s health is never at risk. 

    Resistant to fire:

    Dubbed by the New York Times, as the biggest concern when it comes to a mattress, you will be glad to learn that coir mattress is resistant to fire. You can be sure of your safety if anything should go wrong.

    While other kinds of mattress might cost about 10000-15000 rupees, coir mattress is considerably cheaper, ranging from 6000-10000 rupees. It does not only save on your wallet but will also ensure that you can buy one extra for your family members and even friends.

    They last longer
    Nowadays, coir mattresses are mixed with latex to extend their lifetime compared to other kinds of mattresses. Not only that, they require less maintenance as compared to Foam Mattresses. Of course, it’s not all merry and happy as the coir mattresses are a bit uncomfy.

    Some disadvantages of coir mattress which may include:

    Too firm: 
    Coir mattress tends to be quite hard as compared to other forms of the mattress. Some of you may find this quite uncomfortable, especially if you like sleeping on soft surfaces. You may find yourself tossing and turning due to this. Because of these reasons, some people have woken up due to back pains, especially on their shoulders and back because of increases in pressure points. 

    prone to sagging: 
    Due to them being hard, on their surfaces, coir mattress tends to sag, especially in those areas where one sleeps on most times. 

    Not quite Durable
    When not mixed with other substances, a coir mattress will last for a shorter period. Short-lasting duration is because of the sagging effect it has. Thus manufacturers are now mixing coir with latex to increase their lifeline.

    What is rubberized coir mattresses?

    Rubberized coir mattresses is the most popular coir mattress type available on the market. They have sparked a lot of debate in home improvement think tanks lately. They are made of coir and latex.

    Indeed, rubberized coir mattresses are made when centrifuged natural latex and coir are treated together. They are not just classy and fashionable- they are also durable and worth every penny. 

    Generally, mattresses are evaluated based on the materials that they are made of and the scientific technologies which combine these materials together. With rubberized coir mattresses, the coir itself is airy and breathable while the resilience of latex is unquestionable. Latex is also hygroscopic. 

    When these materials are put together, the resulting mattress is aired, well-cooled, and strong. 

    How are rubberized coir mattresses made?

    Coconut fiber, commonly known as coir is extracted from coconut husks. 

    It is the brown fibrous material that covers the harder inner shell of the coconut fruit. On the other hand, natural latex is a thick milky substance extracted from the rubber plant. 

    Rubber latex is sprayed onto coir fibers, binding them strongly together. The resulting product is called rubberized coir, and it can be molded into various shapes and layers to make mattresses of various sizes and shapes.

    Coir mattresses vs rubberized coir mattresses

    The coconut fibers can be made into a mattress themselves without rubberizing them. They are mixed with other components to come up with a mattress that resembles other forms of mattresses. 
    Normally, there is a layer of foam that is covered by coir. Coir mattresses have the cooling effects of coir and but lack the resilience of latex that is experienced in rubberized coir mattresses.

    Advantage of rubberized coir mattresses

    There are several advantages of rubberized coir mattresses. Some of them are outlined below.

    They are made of 100% natural materials 
    Rubberized coir mattresses are made of naturally occurring materials, coconut fiber, and rubber latex.

    They, therefore, have a unique connection with Mother Nature that you will like when sleeping on them.

    Additionally, these materials are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Perhaps that is why they are very popular at a time when eco-friendliness is the daily environmental conservation mantra.

    They are healthy and comfortable 
    Rubberized coir is a good insulator against extreme weather conditions. Thus, these mattresses feel colder during the summer and warmer during the winter.

    They are also naturally ventilated, and they repel bugs and mites. They are also flame resistant and they hardly absorb dust from the surrounding and are therefore good for people who are allergic to dust particles.

    Indeed, these mattresses are far much better than latex, foam and spring mattresses when it comes to health and comfort.

    They are dense and firm
    A dense and firm mattress is what you need to sleep like there is no tomorrow. To this end, rubberized coir mattresses do not disappoint in every aspect of the word.

    The many layers of rubberized coir give these mattresses the density and firmness that delivers the comfort that you are looking for.

    They keep your body in the right position while you are asleep, thereby retaining your spine alignment and keeping back pains at bay.

    They are therefore good for everyone in the family, especially children and the elderly. Children need proper spine alignment as they grow, while the elderly people need more support as their bones are weak.

    They enhance the bounce effect of spring mattresses

    Recently, rubberized coir mattresses have been preferred over other types of mattresses as the topping in spring mattresses. This is because of their natural buoyancy feature, which enhances the bounce effect of the spring mattresses. They also don’t lose their strength easily like other toppings.

    They are very durable
    It will be a long time before a rubberized coir mattress sags.

    These are not the type of mattresses that lose their strength easily with time and start hurting your back.

    Remember that apart from making mattresses, rubberized coir is used to make ropes and fishing nets because of its strength and salty water resistance.

    Disadvantages of rubberized coir mattresses

    Rubberized coir mattresses are not without disadvantages. Some people complain that they are unhygienic and not easy to maintain. 

    They are also too heavy to be moved from one place to the other with ease. As you would expect, they are also more expensive than many other models. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a coir mattress good for summer?

    The answer would be yes. Due to high ventilation properties and absorption of the excess moisture, a coir mattress is perfect for hot summer days. It will help you to stay cool and absorb any sweat. Another thing to consider would be the potential discomfort since coir mattresses can be a bit uncomfortable. But in terms of preventing odors, ventilation, and absorption of moisture, they are a good choice for hot summer weather.

    Is coir mattress better than foam mattress?

    Coir and foam have unique properties. In terms of support, coir is better than foam, but when it comes to comfort, foam mattresses can be more comfortable than coir ones. A coir mattress is eco-friendly, will help to prevent any odors and will keep you cool. The foam mattress is not necessarily eco-friendly, it won’t keep you that cool, and it’s not as hypoallergenic as the coir one. The price value of both is pretty much on the same level. A foam mattress can provide you with more comfort and softness, but cannot provide such a cooling effect and the extra support. Think about what are the qualities you want in a mattress and pick the right one for you.

    Is coir mattress good for back pain?

    The best choice of a coir mattress to help your back pain would be a rubberized coir mattress. The mattress is made from natural materials and treated with latex. It provides adequate support for your body. They allow the air to flow throughout. It can give you some back pain relief because it provides rigid support along the spine and helps to maintain the natural alignment of the spine. The mattress will also give enough support to your body.

    Is a coir mattress good for the baby?

    The coir mattress can be a good choice for a baby. Not only they give the baby the proper support, but they are also made from completely natural materials, free of any harmful chemicals. They are more stable and prevent movement of the mattress in the crib.Breathable and fresh; they are not a growing grounds for dust mites or any other pestilence and that gives them anti-allergenic properties. Not to mention, they are hand washable, in case of any mess on the mattress. 

    Final Verdict

    For you to select the best mattress, you need first to know your budget and your health condition. These two are coir’s strength, but if you want comfort on your bed, then there is a big chance coir mattress are not the most comfortable type.