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10 Secrets to Buying a Cheap but Quality Mattress in India

tricks to buy a quality mattress in India

You’ve probably heard that buying a mattress in India is one of the most stressful purchases you could ever make.
I’ve been there, and I can tell you it can be very stressful.

It’s hard to know what you’re getting for your money. And with all the options, you can find yourself overwhelmed and indecisive.

So, from my experience, here are eleven secrets to buying a cheap but quality mattress in India.

1. Identify Your Ideal Sleep Position

This sounds like a trivial thing—but it can make all the difference. How you sleep affects how you want your mattress to feel.

So if you’re a back sleeper, you’ll prefer a firmer mattress. But if you’re a side sleeper, a firmer mattress will make your hips and shoulders ache.

So, you may be better off with a cheap yet firm mattress, even if you buy an expensive mattress that is not firm.

2. Use a Budget

Fix your budget, don’t change it. This way, you can follow my next point…

3. Find a Cheap Mattress and Sacrifice Some Features

Some expensive mattresses come with expensive features, some of which will never make sense to you, and even if you do understand, you may never know if the features will actually benefit you until you buy and use it.

You can even find some of those so-called expensive features on cheap mattresses as well, even if they won’t advertise those features to increase their price.

Consider this: If you buy a cheap mattress that does not have a temperature-adjustable or adjustable-comfort feature, you’ll still be able to sleep comfortably if your room is cool enough. So don’t fret if you don’t get all these features with an expensive mattress. You’ll still be fine.

4. Make use of trial policy

You should always buy a mattress that comes with trial policy. Use it for one or two weeks and if you don’t feel good about it, you can send it back and buy a new one. This way you can test a mattress in your budget, and if you don’t like it, you can just replace it with another one.

5. Make use of delivery option

If you live in a big city, most large mattress stores will deliver your mattress at no extra cost. This is a great way to save on time and transportation costs.

6. Check the warranty

Make sure the mattress is covered by a warranty. Mattresses without warranties shouldn’t be purchased. It is better to have a higher warranty. You can decide which mattress is cheaper if one company offers 20 years warranty for a 20000 rupees mattress, and another company offers 5 years warranty for a 10000 rupees mattress.

7. Buy a mattress from well-known brands

The better the mattress brand, the better the customer service. Have a look at this article – best mattress brands in India to find the best brands.

8. Use mattress protector

Mattress protectors are fantastic. It can prevent your mattress from getting dirty, and sometimes, it can even prevent you from getting a back and hip ache if you have a partner who is always rolling over. Yes, you need to spend more money on this, but it will also ensure the health of your mattress.

9. Buy in discount

There are always times when companies offer discounts, so you don’t need to hurry, just wait for the right time and buy the mattress you want to buy at a discounted price.

10. Be patient

Don’t rush your purchase. Get to know about mattress from different brands. Keep an eye on different mattress stores, check their ads, and visit them at various times of the year. Then only you will be able to get the perfect deal that suits your budget.

Final verdict

An expensive mattress does not necessarily mean it’s the best mattress. You can buy a quality mattress for a cheaper price if you do your research and are patient.